The Stubbington Ark (RSPCA Solent Branch) Animal Shelter
174-176 Ranvilles Lane PO14 3EZ
Fareham, Hants GB
Tel 01329 667541
Fax 01329 665262

About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to rescue any animal from neglect, cruelty, accident or misfortune and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy a better life.

The Stubbington Ark supports and maintains the objectives, principles and policies of the RSPCA and seeks to improve the welfare of animals by its own actions and by promoting responsible pet ownership.

Facts & Figures

Last year we took in over 3,000 domestic animals.

1385 Cats, 757 Dogs, 489 Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, 299 Ferrets / Rats / Mice and Hamsters.

197 Cage Birds

We also helped many wild animals

379 Mammals, 644 Birds, 195 Water and Wild Fowl, 22 Bird of Prey

How We Are Funded

The Stubbington Ark is run by the Solent Branch of the RSPCA. We are a seperately registered branch and are primarily responsible for raising funds locally and must raise in excess of £3,400 per day just to keep the shelter running.

We rely on local donations to raise 97% of our running Costs

We do not receive any funding from the Government or from the National Lottery.