Happy endings at the Ark

This is what all the hard work we do is for, happy homes for happy pets!

Pusser (formally Seb), rehomed by Alison & Stephen

Our beautiful Tortie 'Bimble' (an Ark rescue cat) passed away on 17 Aug 20. We rescued her in 2006. We were heartbroken, but then on 12 Sep 20 whilst scrolling your website I saw a beautiful British Shorthair called 'Seb' and that was that. We renamed him Pusser (our links to the Navy) and he became part of the family. He was extremely shy, frightened and we just could not get near him as he was very unsure or our intentions. He spent the first 3 weeks hiding all day only coming out to eat when we had gone to bed . In addition, he wasn't too well whilst settling in. Eventually we saw him on his fleeting runs round the lounge then he was off hiding again. Then one day a breakthrough, he came to me long enough to be able to stroke him and that was that, friends forever. He is so soft and loving with a lovely little personality and has special little places all over the house. No more hiding. To this day we haven't heard him hiss. He needed time to feel secure and safe and now its head bumps every morning when he jumps on the bed to say hello. Thank you to the lovely staff at The Ark for your support and help.

Tommy, rehomed by Mandy

I was so lucky to be offered Tommy for adoption. He is 7and a half years, and his previous owner could no longer keep him when she moved house. His previous owner had clearly looked after him very well as he has settled in straight away. He has only been with me a week, but, in the best possible way, it feels like he has always been here. He is relaxed and comfortable in the home, loves his food, loves the garden, loves his beds - but really loves curling up on my knee!!! He has a wonderful loving personality and is cheeky and likes to play as well - initially not into toys, but starting to be interested in one soft toy - prefers to have gentle wrestling with me!!! I really respect his previous owner for putting him up for adoption through the Ark - it secures his future. The Ark did a wonderful job removing a couple of cysts and doing some dental while in their care. And I can't thank them enough for giving me this opportunity to have him in my life. He is a small dog with a huge personality. Love him to bits! January 2021

Crosby, Stills and Nash, rehomed by Hannah and Nick

We adopted our three wonderful little ferrets in may 2019, when they were originally called Penny, Bernie and Sandy, and we just can’t imagine life without them. We love them so much! They settled in to their new hone quickly and we have loved getting to know each of their lovely personalities! Crosby loves to sleep, Stills loves to explore and Nash loves to cuddle. We love taking them on walks and all three are so well behaved on the leads, although Crosby and Nash tend to spend most of the time on the walks snuggled into our jackets! Especially if the weather is a bit windy or cold! We couldn’t imagine being without our three gorgeous girls and we are so happy that we decided to adopt them from the Stubbington Ark, thank you for bringing these little bundles into our lives.

Prince nee Phil, rehomed by Stewart and Koby

What a joy,loves his new home and presses for chases round the garden.We acquired Prince in May 2020 and he has made us very happy. His favourite pastime is climbing onto the garage roof and taking the sun.

Sophie and Ted, rehomed by The Hillary/Wiltshire Family

Since losing our beloved Jack the Labrador after 13 wonderful years we needed to fill the void his passing left in our lives and were thrilled to be able to adopt Sophie & Ted, two adorable Shih Tzu's. It certainly was "love at first sight!" They settled in with no trouble at all, their sparkling personalities instantly becoming apparent. Ted was confident, inquisitive and greedy for toys and food - soon deciding to bury his Dentastix and other treats in the garden and in his bed! He also stole all of Sophie's toys when she wasn't looking! Despite Ted's "big" personality it's Sophie who rules the roost. She is less impetuous than Ted and "tolerates" his madcap moments with a resigned air of haughty disregard. She is also the only one of the two to brave the stairs! The picture shows the pair of them in their beds. It's quite a rarity since Sophie prefers sleeping in the downstairs bedroom and Ted likes to sleep at the very bottom of the stairs - rendering mum's stairlift inoperable until someone moves him. He does NOT move just because someone wants to use the stairlift! This pair of rascals have certainly embedded themselves into our home and family with ease and brought great joy with them! Thank you to all at the Ark for a) looking after these two so well and b) making the adoption process so easy and straight-forward!

Gerts, rehomed by Jeremy

I adopted Gertie in 2009 and as I write this she is sleeping on the sofa next to me. She most definitely took control of the house when she moved in and life revolves around her meal times. Even if that's getting up at 5am to give her breakfast! I found Gerts quite by accident after I inadvertently wandered into the quarantine area. A member of staff quickly ushered me out but another told me that the cat that was looking at me was only in quarantine as there was nowhere else for her. She seemed very friendly and after a week or so she came to live with me.

Inigo, Fezzik and Vizzini, rehomed by LJ and Gareth

We adopted these three rats at the end of November 2018. They were quite shy at first, especially Vizzini, who wouldn't even let us touch her. But soon they relaxed into their new home and became playful and friendly. At first we made a pen for them to play in, but they are experts at climbing and jumping, so now they have the run of the living room! I have bought them lots of toys and houses, but they always prefer things that aren't technically theirs - like the laundry basket. They are absolutely adorable and fill our lives with laughter and joy (and we fill theirs with love and treats!). They all love to climb inside your sleeve if you will let them. Fezzik loves to steal bits of paper to build nests and Inigo is trying to convince us to let her explore the rest of the flat by running to the door every time we open it. Vizzini has come so far since we first brought her home and is always jumping into my lap for a cuddle. They are our first pets and adopting them was the best decision we ever made.

Mr Teddy (was Lars), rehomed by Nicole

we were devastated when our darling Miss Shadow had a routine check up at the vets to discover she was very poorly. without showing any signs but weight loss they discoverd she had cancer. at 15 yrs old we did the kindest thing for her. it was such a shock to lose her. our hearts were broken so we came to the Ark. i had volunteered here a few years ago & knew despite being well cared for the animals were desparate for their forever homes. we needed to heal our hearts. Mr Teddy has settled in amazingly. bonded with us & our neighbours kitten Alfie. who regulary comes over to see his new friend. we know Alfie missed our darling girl too. our hearts are healing. thank you to the amazing staff & volunteers for the outstanding work you do for these beautiful creatures who ask no more than to be loved.

Kimba, rehomed by Andy and Liz

We adopted Kimba the malamute (closest to the camera) in July 2018. She was very friendly and playful with people, but was nervous to go outside. With a few months of patience and training, she now enjoys a good long walk every day and chasing balls in her garden, or nesting in the flower beds. She has also made friends with two other malamutes, William and Suki, and spends time every week socialising with them.

Thomas, rehomed by Elaine Lawsonblyth

Thomas has been with us since December 2013. He will be 15 this year. He came to us with no teeth and has given us so much pleasure over the last few years. Everyone who sees him states what a lovely cat he is. He is well spoilt as should be, I have always had rescue cats and would have another one in the near future. Thomas likes being the only cat and is so loving. Please visit the ark and rescue an animal as they give you so much pleasure, here is a picture of him in the garden where he likes to sit out when the weather is nice. We keep him in at night now as he is getting older and to make sure he is safe from other animals. He uses his electronic cat flap during the daytime.

Tina now Millie, rehomed by Jane and Ian

After several weeks of searching for a cat to adopt we found Millie and brought her home on Valentine’s Day 2019. In the 2 months we have had her she has gone from a shy timid little cat to a full of life and mischievious terror who flies around the house At the speed of light but we wouldn’t have her any other way

Fru aka fluffy drawers, rehomed by Tony & Erica

Fru made herself at home immediately. She follows Tony around like a puppy and boy does she talk! We met Fru ( Orlandia ) when I popped in just to look. So many cats were either already paired or had to go on their own. We needed a sister for our recent rescue. Fru had us a 'hello' she'd had a long stay at the Ark due to poor health so was ready to be a princess in her own home. She bonded with her 'sister' over night and although Fru does instigate most of the cuddles and doesn't really understand personal space they are always found snuggled together and they melt our hearts every day............ and then Fru starts talking again lol! Thank you Ark for turning our house into a home once more x

Boots & Mittens (467 & 468), rehomed by Christopher Penrose

A Big hello to all members of the Ark especially Nicky & Frankie who I spent time with in the cattery getting to know Boots & Mittens. Update: Both Boots & Mittens were very timid when first arriving at their new home as expected. Within a couple days both were looking for human contact so more time was spent with them, and they were given the run of upstairs instead of just the one bedroom. Both are settling in very well even though it is still early days at just four & half weeks. They have the run of the house literally and chase each other up and down stairs so getting exercise. Sudden noises, doorbell or telephone they will shy away from, but return when they know there is no threat. Little Mittens is very sweet, affectionate, and vocal which she showed at an early stage. She loves all the attention but on her terms which must be respected. She just loves to be around me and comes looking if I am occupied elsewhere at home. Occasionally during the day and especially of an evening she will spend time on my lap, as in picture. Boots is a little more reserved until it is treat time, then there is no holding him back. He is also very attentive at meal times and will soon tell you when he needs feeding. He does not appear to be so much of a lap cat as Mittens except on the rare occasion, but will tolerate his chest and tummy stroked when laying on the bed. Neither one has yet ventured out into the garden but each day both are sitting for longer at an open backdoor sniffing the air and looking around. By this weekend I expect them to take the plunge. Many thanks to all of you who do such a wonderful job at the Ark and please could you ensure that Nicky & Frankie see the attached pictures.

Loki and Thor, rehomed by Johanna, Megan and Dave

We adopted Loki and Thor as Kittens about 2 years ago. They are absolutely wonderful cats with very individual personalities. Thor is the furry form of the God of Thunder, he will chase nothing for ages and not get bored. Loki is not quite the God of Mischief, but he will gladly take a nap before he goes to sleep. Neither of them are lap cats, but they like to be close by, and are very inquisitive when things are going on. Loki will sleep as close to you as he can get without actually sitting on you. They will charge around and wrestle with each other, they have done this since they were small, just now it is a lot louder as they thunder around. They have grown into large boys. We have seen the vet recently who was amazed at their size. They are have big paws and are over 5 kilos each (I assure you not overweight, just big lads). We cannot imagine life without them, and are so very happy that the Stubbington Ark were happy for us to be their forever home. Thank you from all of us.

Zero, rehomed by Nolly & Claire

Zero has settled into his new home and routine very well. He has been a great hit with all the family and is so friendly and loving to everyone. He continues to keep us laughing at his antics and it is great fun getting too know him. On walks, he wants to play with everyone and everything, and we have made the first steps to letting him off the lead, with good success so far. He knows some basic commands and is house trained which has made the transition easy for both him and us. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family, so thank you very much to Stubbington Ark.

Marley, rehomed by Karen

In December 1997 on a visit to the Ark , my friend spotted a beautiful little black cat, just like I was hoping to find, hiding in his bed and not looking very happy at all. Begrudgingly he let her pick him up - and I knew at that moment that Marley was the one for me! I brought him home a week later on my birthday. His notes said that at 14 months I would be his 3rd owner. Apparently in his last home he " was vicious and always trying to trip up the pregnant owner"! In all the time I had him, he never once scratched or bit anyone and was the softest and most affectionate cat. Even the arrival of a newborn baby, who became a noisy toddler, and who is now a big teenager, never phased him. He came to us a scared and nervous cat who didn't leave the back of the wardrobe for nearly two weeks, other than to eat or a quick trip to the litter tray when no one was around. He was a very quickly a very loving, friendly and affection boy, but could still be easily spooked by anyone male( so he sadly must have been mistreated before he came to us). But this passed fairly quickly over time when he realised he was loved and safe with us. For the following 20 years he has been my little side kick and a huge member of the family. Greeting us every morning with a cheeky churp of "good morning" and then a loud meow if food wasn't served up pretty quickly. We never needed an alarm call with Marley around! In his younger years he loved to chase anything that moved and race up and down the stairs. And take up half the bed whenever he got the chance! In his old age he loved nothing more than to find a sunny spot - whether that was on my sons bed, or in the garden. In the last few years, his favourite spot with in the raised flower bed in the sun, or curled up on the sofa in the evening. He could sit for hours been tickled under his chin and round his ears, if you stopped, he would gently pull your hand back until you started again. Sadly last October we noticed a lump on his leg which quickly developed into a tumour and last week aged 21, we had to to say goodbye to him. It was the hardest and most heartbreaking decision ever. His heart and his mind were still as strong as the day he came to live with me, but his legs were now failing him and we could not bear to see him suffer. The house now seems very empty and we are all missing Marley who has been an important member of our family for over 20 years. Cant help but expect to see him greeting us from the sofa whenever we walk in the room. And despite the sadness of losing him, we are so happy we could give him the loving home the beautiful little soul deserved. He repaid it every single day with the love he gave us equally in return.

Bella, rehomed by Nix and Ben

In the year 2000, we visited the Ark in search of a cat to call our own. Bella was sitting in the second enclosure. She was 18 months old and the sign on the door advised us that she was no longer wanted due to her desire to scratch carpets. Expressing an interest, we were invited to hold her. After a quick cuddle, she climbed back into her enclosure… and promptly turned her back on us. She’s the one! We both exclaimed, loving her sassiness. A few days later, she was home and we two, became a three. We stayed that way for the next 18 happy years. Our 'Bella Bambina' became completely ingrained in our daily lives. Never once scratching or biting, just calmly taking life in her stride, occasionally placing the soft pad of her paw on our noses when she wanted attention. She explored widely in her younger years and was a chatty young lady, giving us a happy ‘chirrup’ as she passed by. Losing her hearing in her last few years, she spent more time cosily curled up on our laps. At the grand age of 19 and a half, she would still get up from where-ever she was sleeping, to welcome us home from work, every single day. Until, in her last couple of weeks, she simply couldn’t anymore. We were completely broken hearted to say good-bye to our gorgeous girl during Christmas, 2018. It was 18 years on from that first hello, as she went to sleep one last time in her favourite place, my lap. My favourite place was the soft space under Bella’s chin, and I miss it terribly. We can’t believe anyone could give up such a sweet natured and loving girl, but we are so very glad we found her when they did. For us, there can only be one Bella, but we have space in our hearts and home to help others like her, so we are exploring fostering other animals. We’d like to thank the Ark for giving Bella a second chance and for giving us the chance to find her. Our 18 years together went by in a flash. We are unbelievably grateful for every single second.

Jake , rehomed by Amy

Cookie and Jake were bonded here at the shelter and Jake has settled in really well in their new home. "Cookie and Jake adore each other, i am still amazed at how well he settled with us" "We have fallen in love with him so much. When we put them on the grass at the weekends he bounces around and runs really fast laps around the pen, it's lovely to see."

Loki and Maree-Lou, rehomed by The Tickner Family

We adopted our dogs at separate times from the Ark. We adopted Maree Lou 5 years ago, and Loki 2 years ago. Both have really come out of their shells, and Loki has actually encouraged Maree Lou to interact happily around other dogs. Both are amazing pets, though they both take up too much sofa room occasionally...

Imer and Muffin, rehomed by Jo

We bond rabbits for the public, Imer was one of our rabbits and muffin came into us to be bonded and as you can see in the photo they are now very happy together. " An animal can’t tell You he’s lonely but he was and now seeing muffin with Imber only reinforces how sad it is especially for animals who should be with another. He was rushing around with happiness and he had been quiet since his friend Mini died so really appreciate the dedication of the staff to allow two animals a partner" Said Jo

Jay, rehomed by Phil Lisa Bethany and Liam

We have had Jay since the 20th June. After being told after a 5th visit to the ark to see Jay we were worried about having him as he was supposed to be boisterous. He is far from it. He has settled into our family life so well. Loving and affectionate. The only thing he does is chew tennis ball and spit out the bits. So after him getting through a few we decided no more. He has 2 boomer balls one he plays footie with. The other we throw and he fetches it. So so glad we got Jay. We all love him

Poppy & Lily, rehomed by Melissa & Ricky

At the beginning of August we adopted these 2 little cheeky kittens. Since then they have made us laugh with their amazing personalities and playfulness. They are both settling in really well and enjoy snuggles in the evening. We now can’t imagine life without them.

Monty, rehomed by Simon and Natalie

Monty has been part of our family now for 6 months, hes the most loving best friend ever, hes a cheeky chappie that loves his walks and his chill time. hes settled in with Bella our lab and 2 cats and he just makes friends where ever he goes not been as easy time making our home is forever home but we all love our beaglebum to the moon and back

Cloud was snitch, rehomed by Jacqueline and david

First day not a peep out of her on the way home loved sitting on my lap looking out the car window. The first hour hid behind sofa but every day getting more confident and she is one crazy cat . loves to play ,destroyed her catnip toy ,loves sitting on my lap ,loves licking my face which I’m not so keen on !! bless her.sits on her blanket outside our bedroom like a guard dog . Loves being nosey she’s into everything and attacks shoes ,carpet , an empty coconut!! I don’t know were that scared cat went it comes out if there’s a large noise but she’s more like a mischievous kitten who just wants to have fun. Thanks to all the staff Amy ,Nikki and all the rest.

Tinker Stinks & Lumos, rehomed by Claire & Chris

After getting Tinks (Tasha) last summer, we thought our family was complete. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Zorro's age and arthritis caught up with him and there was no other choice but to say goodbye. Broken hearted, we said no more cats. Well, Tinks was lonely, we were missing Zorro like mad and then we came across this little kitten with very particular needs. He had to be placed with another cat, he had to have experienced owners and he had huge challenges with social and emotional behaviour. There was no choice, was there? Lumos (Tuck) came to us a month ago and he has settled in so well. He is still somewhat nervous, but his character and charm have blossomed. He is a cheeky so and so and very much a Mummy's boy. He and Tinks play together most nights until 3am, racing up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants. They then snuggle into us (each has their favourite human) and sleep next to us all night. Lumos never stops purring and as soon as I come in the door, he winds around my legs until I sit down and he can get his cuddles. He is into everything, cat toys bore him, but if it's something he shouldn't play with, then that excites him. Tinks is an absolute diva and the boss, Lumos is the happiest kitten, full of love and mischief. Thank you Stubbington Ark for our babies and you know where we are if you have any more behaviour challenges!

Neura, rehomed by Nadine &colin

Neaura ( was idy ). She has settled in so well. When we chose to have another cat, we said we wanted to re-home a disabled cat, and what a treasure she has been. I my self and disabled so we look after each other. Neura has a neurological condition, To which we have been told she has cerebal palsy. Her condition doesn't bother her at all, she has her bad days where she is falling all over the place and and dragging her back legs behind her. But she just gets up and carry's on. My husband made her a ramp to get on to our bed and he says he doesn't spoil her lol. But it helps her so much because she can't jump. She is such a vocal little thing and we are sure she is trying to talk to us, definitely sounds like she says Hello lol. When ever we have visitors she makes she comes out of her car bed to say hello, once she has done her rounds she goes back to bed. She truly is such a dream we love her dearly. I could carry on and say so much but i don't want to bore you all

George & Tyronne, rehomed by Jo-Anne Kelly

George & Tyronne immediately hid under my kitchen units, but within a couple of days they seemed to have settled (knowing they like chicken and treats helped) and now are loving the attention, although still a bit nervous they are getting there. Both so gorgeous and both with a loving temperament (Thank you Amy for telling me about them). They are a perfect addition to our new home.

Simba, rehomed by Bernadette and Peter Taylor

We adopted Simba a year ago. He’s such a beautiful chilled out boy. We’re completely in love with him. He loves us too and often shows his appreciation by bringing us gifts he has caught on the allotments behind the house. Sometimes they’re even alive.!!!!!!. Thought you might like to see how he’s getting on.

tigger, rehomed by ken and ellen

hi to all and everyone at the stubbington ark, we adopted tigger three weeks ago and he has settled in really well we let him outside for the first time in three weeks he has met the two cats from next door who he is good friends with and he has been exploring his new surroundings he is such a confident cat he does not stray too far away which is a re-assurance to ellen and i, tigger is a cat that likes to be made a fuss of he comes and pays us a visit every night and snuggles down he loves his cat nip toys especially the fish he is deffinatley one of the family now and has enriched ellen and my life so many thanks to you all .

Coco, rehomed by Emma and family

We adopted Coco (previously Blossom) from RSPCA Stubbington Ark at the end of January 2018. She is our first dog and we were a little apprehensive about adopting an older creature. Most people advised us to find ourselves a puppy and to avoid the unknown. But as is often the way with these things I bumped into her on a walk whilst visiting the Ark, the whole family clicked with her on our first meeting and we were all very pleased to take her home two weeks later. It turns out that she’s been quite well trained in a previous life and was obviously well looked after at some point before she was found half starved locked in a caravan. It’s very hard to understand how someone could have abandoned such a treasure. It’s hard to believe too that she’s only been with us for 6 weeks! Coco’s an absolute beauty and a joy to have around. She loves her walks, loves communicating with us (not always in bark form), loves chewing her sticks, loves running after her ball (still working on ‘Give’ and ‘Drop’!), loves the beach, loves the park, loves the snow, loves rolling in fox poo and rotting star fish (peg for your nose anyone?!), loves learning new tricks, loves homemade liver cake (will do almost anything for a taste of the good stuff) and most of all loves her cuddles. In fact she has such enthusiasm for everything (except for baths – no, not keen on baths) that we can only assume (hope) that is happy with her new life. She’s gentle, funny, clever and friendly, eager to please – and yet she has spark… and a very determined streak! We’re working on that but it’s always amusing to see that flash in her eye. She was supposed to sleep downstairs but just under three weeks after we picked her up I spent the day in bed with a sickness bug. She stayed with me, a true therapy dog! The look she gave my husband when he pointed to the bedroom door when it was time for her to go downstairs. Sort of a no-no-I-don’t-think-you-understand-there’s-a-new-rule-now-and-I-sleep-with-my-humans kind of look… no prizes for guessing who won that battle! If you’re considering rescuing a dog please do. There are so many waiting in the wings for a happier life … the RSPCA will guide you to the best match and it’s likely you’ll find a treasure like we did.

Luna, rehomed by Bill and Liz

We got Luna in February this year my wife was looking for a dog to get her out and about. We had been looking for a while as need a cat friendly dog. From the moment we both saw her we fell in love with her. She is 9year old and was not happy in the rescue. When we got her home she was a little shy but after just a few days she opened up even more and has not settle in extremely well doesn't even both my two cats, she love a cuddle but despite my wife's very best effort she has become a daddies girl and each day I am greeted with a lovely pair of eyes and a wiggling back end with a very very wagging tail. The Ark could not have done a better job at making the match so great credit should go to them as well as our gorgeous little girl for being an absolute sweetheart.

Zorro & Tinker Stinks, rehomed by Claire & Chris Colley

I've talked about Zorro on here before, but this summer, when dropping off a donation to the Ark, I came across Tinker Stinks (Tasha). I instantly fell in love and knew she was perfect for us. She looked so sad and was displaying challenging behaviour, so she had to come home. She's now settled and much loved and spoilt. Her behaviour is improving, she's a true scaredy cat though and needs lots of reassurance. A slow intro to Zorro meant few issues, and as you can see, they are now fine with each other. As for the name? Well, her bottom is a grade A weapon and she knows how to use it. :)

Jungle (formerly Gizmo) , rehomed by Chris and Alan

We adopted Jungle nearly two years ago in Feb 16. He was extremely nervous and to this day is wary of anything new or different. When he decided to ‘pose’ behind this lit Christmas wreath we were delighted to be able to capture the moment on camera. He is really settled with us and enjoys lazing in the conservatory and defending his garden from the neighbour’s cats. He jumps on the bed every night in the small hours to snuggle up to Chris. He is the fourth cat we have adopted from the RSPCA over the last 35 years and is the chattiest of them all. :) He’s absolutely gorgeous and we love him to bits.

Socks, rehomed by Jo and Karl

We brought Socks home in November 2016, and were prepared to give her lots of time to settle into her new home. However within a short period of time she was out and exploring all over the place! Socks is a playful little cat, who is very curious and clumsy at times! She likes to announce when she is in room, especially if she has managed to get into the kitchen! There is nothing she likes more than to sit on Karl's lap, curl up and have a snooze!

Hazel, rehomed by Sue & Andy Hammerton

We wanted an indoor cat but there were none, but there was a cat in the next block that was so nervous no one had got near her and no one had seen her in the 3 months she had been at the ark. We saw her face as she looked into the cat flap and fell in love. She is loving and affectionate, she loves chirping at the birds while sitting on the window sill and enjoys being brushed. She is still a little skittish, but has settled down well and has recently relaxed enough to sleep on the sofa on her own and even stays eating when we walk past her.

Ruby, rehomed by Olive & Carol

We adopted Ruby in May 2015, typical terrier, after a few weeks of having to stand our ground we have a loving member of the family, who accepts visits from family and friends, has learnt to live and love without being jealous when nephews and nieces come round with their babies for cuddles with great gran! Ruby loves to walk and venture to different places on and off the lead, never venturing too far just in case she looses sight, she a joy to have in our lives

Hazel, rehomed by Sue & Andy

We brought Hazel home yesterday, she stayed in her carrier for a few hours but when we nipped out she went behind the sofa. Nothing, not a sound. We went off to bed, at 1.45 we were woken by mewing, she jumped on the bed, announcing she was ready for a cuddle and some rough and tumble. She rolled around the bed, head butting into our hands, purring away. Unfortunately for me, Sue, I had to go to the spare room as she wouldn't stop lol. She had me up all night and is now asleep, not in her new bed, but in my shoe cupboard. We were very happy to make a fuss of her last night, it really was the first time we had seen all of her. She is gorgeous and we love her already. I will send a photo or two shortly, but I thought you would like to know how her first night went!

Louie (formerly Shadow), rehomed by Bridget

We adopted 9.5 year old Louie in June 2017. After he arrived at home, he spent the first 3-4 weeks in hiding only coming out to eat at night. Three months later, he has settled very well, although he is still nervous of visitors. After gaining his confidence he has become a sweet-natured, affectionate cat and we are very happy to have him with us, even if he does steal the best place on the sofa in front of the fire!

dan curtis, rehomed by Dan and Marlina

When we first saw Audret (Willow) she was hiding away in a pen outside away from other cats. She would not come out in the day and although received much attention from the great and knowledgable staff and volunteers was having a miserable time. When we got her home it took a week for her to come out of hiding and to start to explore. It’s been a great journey with her as she has developed into a happy reasonably confident cat. Now 9 months later she has the run of the house and although she doesn’t stray far enjoys patrolling and defending her garden. She welcomes visitors with caution and has a wonderful gentle nature loving a brush and cuddle even allowing herself to be carried about now. Thankyou to the Ark for all they do for cats and humans alike...

Mr Schweppes, rehomed by Alisa and Chris

We just had to say goodbye to our beloved Mr Schweppes. He was about 19 years old and we are heartbroken, having lost him to lymphoma. We adopted him, or rather HE adopted us, back in July 2002. The kennels were full. As Chris was passing by he gently tapped on his leg. It was love from the first sight. For 15 years we had the most fabulous friend, very affectionate and loyal. He gave us so many happy memories, so much laughter and joy!! We would like to thank all of you in the Ark for finding this very special cat for us!

Nala and Remy, rehomed by Leigh-ann & Phil

In December 2016, I bugged Phil about adding to our mischief after seeing two rats up for adoption via Facebook. All it took was half an hour and a visit to the Ark. Ariel and Snow White (as they were named then) were perfect. They were very shy to begin with but now they are both outgoing, confident, happy rats, who are incredibly spoilt!

Fudge, rehomed by Jan & chris

In 2011, we brought home a beautiful male ginger cat from the ark. Fudge made himself at home straight away and has blossomed. He has become a real character - a very happy boy who from being an indoor cat , to one that loves to be out in the garden. Fudge never travels very far. He loves to play with stick, which he brings in from outside. Fudge has filled out - he loves his food and his food ball. He will come to you to have a cuddle, and settle on your lap. Fudge is part of our family - we love him so much, he owns the house, we pay the mortgage . .....Wouldn't have it any other way.

Jaffa, rehomed by Mark and Emma

Jaffa has been with us for nearly a month now and has settled right in. He loves cuddling up on a lap and is sooooo affectionate and absolutely loves playing with our two children! As soon as he came into his new home he owned the place. He didn't shy away or hide as we expected. He just jumped up onto each of our laps in turn for a good long cuddle. The Ark made his adoption easy and fast (we had him home within a week of falling in love with him!) and everyone we spoke to there couldn't help us enough! Thank you all for helping us with our newest family member!

Dexter, rehomed by Wendy

I got Dexter in July 2016 and he settled in very quickly. He loves my garden and the woods nearby although he is rather too keen to chase deer! He also loves playing with his best friends Minnie and Patch, a pointer and pointer/dalmatian cross, and going for walks with them. They can run and run but Dexter only does short bursts of energy! I wouldn't be without him.

Simba, rehomed by Bernadette and Peter

We brought Simba home on Thursday and initially he spent a few hours hiding under the sofa. Once we managed to coax him out he took over the house. He's such a lovely confident boy. At the moment he's working hard on finding ways to get outside. Can't wait to see what happens when he eventually is allowed.

Esme (formerly Meg), rehomed by Amanda

When I adopted Esme (formerly Meg) three weeks ago, she was so nervous that she wouldn't come out from behind the sofa for the first week. However, she is now coming on in leaps and bounds..literally. She loves a game in the evenings and races round the house chasing feathers and stuffed mice. She also has taken to sleeping upstairs, so I can hear her snoring in the night. This week she ventured outside for the first time and met my pet rabbits, Mabel and Digby. She's taken to sitting on the garden bench so she can get a good look into their run. There's still work to do....I'm working on getting her to purr more! But last week she rubbed round my legs for the first time when I fed her in the morning and it was a great feeling.

Mars, rehomed by Stuart, Claire and Stephen

We fell in love with Mars' photo and were heartbroken that he had been in the Ark for 15 months. He took a few weeks to build some confidence and spent most of the time hiding and it was two months before he ventured into the kitchen. He purrs all the time now and has no qualms about demanding food or cuddles. He is exploring the house much more now and is very sweet and affectionate and we're happy he's found a home.

Elsie and Malcolm , rehomed by Sue

We have had the rabbits for a month and they have settled in very well and enjoy spending time in their large run during the day and they come indoors with us most evenings. They are really fun to watch, chasing each other round, or just chilling out by the back door and are getting used to being stroked. They are getting lots of attention, such lovely company. We have re-named them Patch and fluffy rabbit. A great addition to the family.

Rue, rehomed by Zosia and Alina

We adopted Rue in November 2016 and we think she is about 2 years old now. She is a tabby and is very cute! When we adopted her, she was very shy and nervous and tended to bite us. But, as she settled in, she became much more confident and affectionate. She even comes to sit on us to give us cuddles sometimes! She is a very cute and loving cat and has grown to become playful and confident. We love her very much. Thanks to the RSPCA. :):):)

Mitzee, rehomed by Kelly, Layla and Lexi

Mitzee has settled in fantastically into her new home and is so well behaved. She follows her new family members everywhere and loves to cuddle up on the sofa. She makes us laugh when she is asleep on our laps as she makes funny snorting noises

Smokey & Misty (was Donald & Daisy), rehomed by Dave

I adopted Smokey & Misty from The Ark in February 2013, they were both only 6 months old at the time. Smokey loved attention and playing, but Misty was very timid. I have now had them for 4+ years, and love them very much. Didn't take them long to settle in or own the flat lol. Misty is still timid, but comes to you on her terms, tho she will come running in, meowing, and wanting cuddles after any visitors have left. Smokey is still very playful and loves attention. Loves to jump up onto my computer desk and lay between myself and the keyboard. Makes using the computer and playing games a bit more difficult, especially if he is laying on my arm! Both love laying on my bed, and it's an upwards battle between me and them as to who gets the best part of the bed at night... usually them lol. Smokey will go under the duvet and curl up to sleep, whilst Misty is happy to curl up next to my pillow to sleep. During the day, they sleep on my sofa, after nicking my spot (happens after I've got up to do things). Both love meal times and meow at me quite a bit whilst I sort out their food. Seems like I can't prepare their food as quickly as they would like. They are both indoor cats, and have full run of the flat. The big scratch post I had from my previous cat is now looking like it's been in a war zone lol. I picked this photo, as I often think that they are saying 'OK Daddy, we've sat nicely for photo, now where's the treats, before your sofa gets shredded'. My nephews & nieces loved them too. Often trying to take them home with them lol.

Bellatrix, rehomed by The Ansell family

Bellatrix (aka Bella) chose us really. We arrived at the Ark in September 2014 to choose an adult cat, but this determined 5-month-old kitten immediately spotted my daughter Sophie and miaowed at her straight away! It was love at first sight- from both. We spent an hour with Bella, at which point I discovered she had the loudest purr of any cat I've ever known, and didn't even bother to view any other cats; within thirty seconds of entering the Ark we'd found our puss. Or, she'd found us. We returned the following day with our son, who was three at the time, to check they got along, which they did, and we were able to take our new family member home that same afternoon! She settled in immediately, and definitely think she owns us. Through choice she spends most of her time indoors, and likes nothing more than to be with her people. We're more than a little convinced she understands everything we say to her. She loves: Ear scratches; warm laps; being spoken to; chicken; cheese. She hates: Monthly flea treatment; other cats; monthly flea treatment; dogs, and did I mention monthly flea treatment? She can be delightful, but like her namesake, she can be an evil witch. We all adore her.

Chester (Cheech), rehomed by Mel and Ian

Only four days since we adopted Chester and he already owns the place! Don't think he could have settled in better. Our thanks to all the cattery team for looking after him so well before he chose us to settle down with for the rest of his life!

Celie, rehomed by Mark

In 1999 I was looking for a Jack Russell certainly not a Lurcher when i came to the Ark. Oh!...., but then there was Celie. A 10 month to year old Lurcher girlie teenpup!, was it something so special in her eyes and between us? From the very start she stole my heart, how come no one else had already adopted her was ether pure luck or not meant to be yet. Me adopt a Lurcher?, honestly no at the time but then again you never met her!. First of all i took her into the play area and staff had told me she was totally untrained nervous of men ( i'd say terrified) and skittish. I brought some treats along, said "Celie sit" and nothing happened. Gave her a treat and gently pushed her bum down saying "sit", again, treated her and the next "sit" she sat??. Two attempts later she was laying down for me also!, i simply could not believe it as i was certainly no Cesar Millan. Staff told me later her young life's sad tale of being found abandoned in the new forest along with her sister who luckily alerted some people nearby, she led them back to where Celie was laying down. Starving, emaciated, 3/4 infected with mange and who knows what other problems and ready to fade away. Her pretty little face was also injured, she was put on a drip and told at one point it was thought she may not make it i think?. Everyday for two weeks i came to the Ark and see her until my arranged home visit. I have many, many funny and special tales we both shared over the years. I bought the Caineinstein book and she passed tests with flying colours. Always the fastest Lurcher with others all chasing her behind. Super sharp, clever, funny, devoted, beautiful, lovely manners and everything anyone could ever wish for and much more. We were soul mates and in tune together that i firmly believe i will never again find another 'perfect girl' like her again in my lifetime. Sadly we had to part as time passed all too quickly and old age crept up on us both. She was only a couple of days before her 17th birthday when we said goodbye. I miss her dearly, never a day goes by when i don't think of her running like the wind or snuggling up together. Sadly there'll not be another one like her again i suspect. I'd wish to say "all all my love & thanks" to the Ark for saving her precious young life and giving me the best friend/daughter in the world!, ha. And also for putting us together as a perfect pair!.

Clifford , rehomed by Marie

We picked Clifford up 5 days ago and he is settling in amazingly. When my dad and I saw the advert for him we knew he was the one for us. How anyone could have abandoned him is beyond us. He is the most loving boy ever, very cute and has such a gentle nature. He keeps my dad company all day and gets lots of cuddles.

polly-holly, rehomed by Lorraine kenney

holly known as poll we adopted her ⚁ months and I am glad to say that she's settled in with us and would not live without her ,she's a bit scatty but very lovable, loves every one ,loves lots off attention and food and walks out for her special run ,but she always comes back to check if she's a good girl and treat . happy to say she wI'll not be holidaying at the ark no more special thank you to all the staff at the ark love holly .

Gavin, rehomed by Nic and Gill

We have had several cats over the years but have never rehomed one before, and were a tad nervous at the prospect of the unknown. However any doubts we had were proved to be totally unfounded. January 2017 was to be our lucky month !!! We kept a close eye on the website and rushed in as soon as the place opened having seen the description of our boy !!! He had been one of the animals confiscated as part of a criminal prosecution by The RSPCA which lasted 4 months. As soon as the case was successfully concluded he was put up for adoption. There was not even a photo of him yet but we knew he was for us as soon as we met him and his gorgeous black face with stunning eyes peeped out from his box and he leapt into our arms, that was it, love at first sight !!! Gavin (formerly known as felix) has been with us for a couple of weeks now. He settled in immediately we got home and it feels like he's been here for years !! He is the most perfect cat , endlessly entertaining but most importantly very affectionate and loving. It seems astonishing, bearing in mind the terribly cruel start he had in life, he just adores human company and is totally at ease with strangers. All he desires is a cuddle, a smooth, a comfy lap and in return will purr like an engine ! The guys at The Ark were fantastically helpful and the adoption process was very straightforward. We must especially thank the wonderful Amy who looked after Gavin before we took him, her advice was excellent and as she told us , he has been so easy to settle in and has treated our house as his own from the moment he arrived !!!

Saffy, rehomed by Taz and Ben

We took Saffy home just after the new year, and from the word go she clearly owned the house! A huge bounding bundle of energy, when she's not wrestling or being a "halloween cat" she's an incredibly loving and delicate soul. Thanks for all at the Ark for looking after her before we met; now she's here with us to stay and we wouldn't have it any other way :) We'll just buy a lot of 'play' plasters...

Bonnie (was Mitzi), rehomed by Ben and Lauren

We decided to get a cat after moving out of rented flats and into our first home. This beautiful girl seemed to pick us, she was very quiet and sleepy and didn't raise her head when we looked in on her, but when we went into her little room she came alive with cuddles, play time and nibbles. From the minute Bonnie came into our house she was at home. Not interested in staying in the one room and 'settling in' she quickly explored the whole house and then claimed the sofa. We can't imagine life without her now and hope to maybe get her a playmate in the future!

Tommy (tabby) & Sox, rehomed by Claydon Family

After a long time of being desperate for a bigger pet, we came across Tommy and Sox, who Mum and Dad had visited on a previous visit - but hadn't been able to see Sox as he was too shy! When it came to choosing them, they were perfect! We wanted older cats and one's that were playful and cuddly - Tommy and Sox love to be with us (particularly Sox who sits on our lap whenever he gets the chance and rubs his head into us), and like to play with toys and small balls of paper! On the first day they came home, we feared they would be too nervous to come out, but they were so friendly and lay around - although a little nervous, they still sat with us in the evening and after one hour of being here, Sox was lying across my lap! Every day they make us laugh as they trot around in their own little worlds. They love their food and Tommy has a habit of jumping onto the kitchen side and they both like to meow at us when it's food time! Thank you so much to the Ark for allowing us the chance to give a forever home to the best cats in the World! We couldn't have asked for more perfect feline friends to bring home for Christmas!!! We can't imagine not having them around now!

Dominic, rehomed by Diane

Can't believe we have only had Dominic a fortnight. He has settled in so well and is becoming more confident. The first couple of days he was desperate for food all the time but then he started to relax and became interested in the toys we bought him. He likes to be played with now and loves his squeaky toy mouse which he grabs by the tail and shakes it from side to side. He has become more energetic and chases his little ball around after he has had his breakfast. Like most cats, he has snubbed the lovely bed we bought him and chosen his own place to sleep but, hey-ho, we wouldn't be without him now. He is such a gentle little cat and loves to lie in the middle of the floor and be smoothed and have his head rubbed which makes him purr continuously. Dominic is eating quite well and looks like he is putting on a bit more weight. He is not losing so much fur and will let me brush him while he is lying on the floor looking cute. He is showing a little interest in what is outside the door but he is easily spooked by noises still, so for now will remain a house cat. He has been so theraputic for my elderly Mother and myself. So glad we decided to adopt him.

Cora, rehomed by Holly and Connor

We knew Cora was the cat for us as soon as we saw her; her cage had seemed empty when we first walked by, but she came out to see us on our way back. We asked to go in, and were warned she would hide from us, as she doesn't like anyone - seconds later she was in our arms drooling and purring herself silly! It was love at first sight. It's been an interesting time with Cora, as she still scares easily and likes to hide when she's not sure who is in her home, but she is the most loving cat, and likes nothing more than snuggling up on the bed with us and having fusses, except for treats!

Lucifer (previously Bailey), rehomed by Jack

The first little face I saw upon walking to the ferret enclosures was Lucifer's. He was the only one out and climbed up the cage when I approached. I instantly fell in love with him; he had so much character and was so cheeky! This little guy has completely stolen my heart already, and I couldn't imagine life without him! He's definitely a little mischief maker.

Aslan and Zelda (formerly Tia), rehomed by Karl and Michelle

Our home was so empty after we lost our beloved rottie Pagan when Aslan bounced into our life. During the adoption process we heard that he had a girlfriend in the puppy unit that had just had his pups, so as soon as she was ready we adopted her too. As you can see they seem pretty happy with their lot now. Thanks to all at the Ark for all of the love and care that our doggies had there before we found them - we can't imagine life without our canine buddies.

Ashe (Was Anna), rehomed by Chris

I adopted 10 week old Albino Dumbo Rat Ashe that was born within the Ark on 14th Aug 2016. I am absolutely over the moon with her progress, and she has already become one of the family. She is still a little bit shy, however she is extremely friendly. The photo shows her laying on top of Janna, my 13 month old. I know its only been a week, but I was so amazed at how well she has been able to be introduced that I had to share it with you. Again, I can't thank you enough

Fudge, rehomed by Sally

We adopted Fudge from the Ark a year ago now. We originally picked up the form for another dog (which wasn't suitable as we lived too close to her previous home) and only picked up Fudge's card as my husband has fond memories of having an English Springer Spaniel as a child. Reading Fudge's information we realised he ticked every box and was perfect to join our family. My son is autistic and we had been turned down by other rehoming centres but thanks to the understanding of the staff at the Ark we were able to find our new family member. Fudge settled in fast and had soon populated our garden with a huge amount of tennis balls! He was thoroughly spoilt on his first adopt-iversary and we are looking forward to many more.

Rosie (Rousey), rehomed by Castries & Allan

We have had Rosie for nearly 4 weeks now. When we brought her home she was very nervous and would bark at other dogs at the park. She has settled in so well, lo RE cuddles, Playing with the children has even got used to our rabbit, loves playing at the park runs off the lead very well playing with other dogs. She always comes back when called. Thank you all for our lovely family member

Bear, rehomed by Keely Robins

Bear is a 5 year old male, and a stray prior to being taken in at stubbington ark. I rescued him in October 2016. He is the cuddliest cat in the world, forever wanting my attention and not leaving my side even when doing the washing up! He's settled in so quickly, and adapted to his new environment very well. He has been scared of a few occasions since being in his new home, but with lots of cuddles he is soon laying all over the floor waiting for a belly rub!

Arthur, Daisy and Poppy, rehomed by Sally and Beth

We originally adopted Arthur and Daisy in November 2014 after losing our beloved cat and ferret in quick succession and the house felt very empty with no pets in it. We originally were just looking for one ferret and the Ark recommended Arthur. Arthur and Daisy were sharing a pen but didn't really get on. After visiting the Ark several times whilst we were getting to know Arthur, we also fell in love with Daisy and couldn't leave her behind. We hoped that Arthur and Daisy living in a home environment would get along but unfortunately that didn't happen and they had to have separate cages and pens. Towards the end of 2015, I was toying with the idea of getting another ferret as a companion for Daisy and on 31 December 2015, I saw a photo of Poppy. I rushed home from work to show my daughter. On 2 January 2016, we went along to the Ark and met Poppy. Later that day we went along with Daisy to see if they would get on - they did! We came home with Poppy that day and her and Daisy get on wonderfully. Arthur is lovely too but can't be mixed with other ferrets. They are all so much fun!

Milo (was Tabby), rehomed by Jess and Jamie

In February we were looking for a cat to adopt as we had just brought our first home together. Milo (aged 4yrs) had only just arrived at the Ark and was being put in his bed when we arrived and caught the attention of my other half with his massive fluffy tale! A scared little fluff ball but absolutely beautiful. We didn't actually get to see him completely as he was too scared to come out but we knew he was the one! Its a feeling you cant knock! His notes said he was very friendly and affectionate and he lives up to that! He now is a well loved and spoilt little cat! A funny little character and you can tell he is happy to be in a loving forever home! Best decision we ever made. Broke our heart to read on his notes that he was "unwanted" as hes the perfect addition to our family! Their loss our gain! :)

Sooty, rehomed by Thomas, Maria, Emily and Rachel

We adopted Sooty (5) in April 2016. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is very settled now and spends most of his days out playing (and catching mice). He is very vocal and is sure to let us know when he is hungry. In the evening he loves to cuddle on the couch or falls asleep on the bed beside Rachel (as in the picture).

Rue, rehomed by Alina and Zosia

We got Rue in December 2015 when our parents took us to Stubbington Ark as a surprise. (We had suspected something all along!) Even when we got into reception and saw a photo of her, we knew she was for us! We looked at all of the other cats but when we went to see her, she was very playful and sweet even though she had been found on the streets. We decided on her and the Ark said that we could pick her up on Monday (it was Saturday). Since then, she has been a playful and loving pet becoming increasingly more confident every day. We love her so much. Thank you Stubbington Ark!

Tammy, rehomed by Ingrid & Sergio Meucci

We re-homed Tammy from the Ark in April 2013 . First she was a nervous kitty who was over-grooming her back so much that she had a thinner patch . She also had a nervous tick . 3 years on she is such a happy cat. She is not as independent as other cats and follows us everywhere and even sits on the corner of the bath and watches us when we have a shower!! She is very affectionate and we love her to bits.

Lenny the Lurcher, rehomed by Richard & Charlotte

We lost our beloved Great Dane Hogan (also a rescue) back in August 2015. Although we have another dog Ferdie (the Bull Mastiff), we haven't quite felt complete with just the three of us - so after nearly a year we were finally ready to get another dog. We know that we wanted a smaller dog this time (my time of being able to squat lift 65 kg of dog into the back of the car are receding fast) and had a miniture Grear Dane breed existed we probably would have looked around for one of those. If we could find something that looked a bit Dane like in shape, had a long muzzle, that was owner focused and would suffer inordinate amounts of kissing, stoking and cuddling from Charlote (Ferdie can only take 5 minutes or so before making a break for it), then we would have found pretty much the perfect dog. On our first trip to the ark we saw Lenny the Lurcher - an 8 month old whippet/Bedlington Terrier cross - and our hearts melted. Over a period of several weeks the three of us came to visit and walk Lenny and we adopted and took him home a week ago. During his time at the kennels Lenny had a reputation as being rather naughty and a bit of a nipper (which he duly lived up to and although much better still indulges himself on occasion). However, since coming to live with us he has calmed down immensely and settled in right away with his paws now firmly under the table. He also soaks up love and attention and luckily never goes short. Enclosed is a picture of Ferdie and Lenny catching some Sunday afternoon quiet time together. Thanks to everyone at the Ark for all the hard work they do and for giving dogs like Lenny a second chance, and especially to Charlie for dedicating so much of her time to helping Lenny.

Alfie (aka Doofus) and Chloe (aka Bags), rehomed by Jo & Tim

We never chose Chloe and Alfie, they chose us. From the moment Chloe stretched against the glass and Alfie's great big fat face appeared from the box at the back, we knew we had to have them. And they settled from the moment they got home. Alfie is a big softy with a habit of scratching the carpet and stalking (and attacking) his sister. Chloe's notes said she was affectionate, but that was an understatement. With a constant need for cuddles and kisses, she is an absolute sweetheart. Having lost my soulmate, a black cat called Scarlett, I swore I couldn't love another black cat because she couldn't be replaced. Chloe and Alfie have never replaced, they just arrived. I am always grateful that Alfie and Chloe's previous family had loved them and looked after them, but were no longer able to have them. Because we have gained the most affection, funny, exasperating and greedy monsters.

Harvey, rehomed by Chloe

Way back in 2002, we adopted our beautiful boy, Harvey. Harvey was the most wonderful, loving and beautiful family cat we could have ever wished for. He was our perfect boy and loved meeting new people; he brought joy to so many and everybody would comment on what a friendly boy he was (even my Nan who would openly admit she doesn't usually like cats!). Sadly, our beloved boy passed away a year ago aged 15, but he will forever be in our hearts and I will be forever grateful to the ark for rescuing him and taking him in so that we was given the long and happy life as part of our family.

Lily , rehomed by Abi & Dave

We adopted Lily in May 2016, she's extremely soppy and very lazy! She's the boss of the house and she knows it! This photo was taken 30 minutes after she came home for the first time and I can't believe I ever worried about her settling in!

Bailey, rehomed by Emma

I adopted Bailey yesterday and I just wanted to let you guys (especially Amy) know that he's very happy at home. We got home about 4pm and he jumped out of his carrier and hid under a chair in the conservatory for about three hours. We didn't want to rush him, so Dad stayed in the room with him until teatime and the rest of us left to give him peace. We put his food bowl next to the chair but he hadn't touched it by 7pm. I coaxed him out with treats and he's been out ever since; he even made himself right at home on the sofa. I was a bit worried that he would be nervous but since 7pm, he's only hidden under the couch when the door opens because it creaks.

luna, rehomed by jennifer and aiden mallender

We adopted luna in March 2015 from stubbington arc and she has been a great addition to are family she settled in really quickly are children adore her and she has become a great companion to our older Labrador freddie or should i say a thorn in his side she can not be without him we love going for walks on the beach with her and has become good friends with other family dogs we would not change her for the world and could not imagine life without her in it. Thankyou to the arc for allowing her to become a member of our family

Midget, rehomed by Grace and Baz

We adopted Midget in March this year and the change in him is unbelievable. We were warned he was fearful of people especially men and had been abused. He needed surgery on his skin on his back and was a very unhappy dog. Today he is unreasonable, when walking him he goes up to people and demands their attention. He wants to have his nose in everyone's business and wants love off everyone. He loves going to the dog park where he runs with upto 30 other dogs. I have never know such a big dog to be so gentle and loving. Our friend has a new born and when ever she cries he is right there licking her till she stops. This is all only after 2 months. We cannot wait to see how much further he will go in the years to come.

Archie, rehomed by Pauline and Kimberley

We adopted Archie from the Ark at the end of March 2016 and he has only been with us for over 6 weeks but he has very quickly made himself at home and become one of the family! Archie lives with his big sister Lily and they are (mostly) the best of friends! He has settled in well, making himself firmly at home and is always welcoming and happy to give us a cuddle! He enjoys long walks with his new Mummy, eating (alot!) and playing with his toys! He is a credit to our family and we are so grateful to have found him! Thank you Stubbington Ark!

KiKi, rehomed by Helen

I went to The Ark to look in to adopting a cat as I had sadly lost my pet rabbit who lived to a great age of 9 and a half years old, and I was very much missing having a companion in the house to talk to and make a fuss of. I suffer quite badly from depression, anxiety and stress issues and I was struggling a lot with this. When I went to The Ark at first Kiki wasn't there as she was in the isolation unit as she had been suffering with cat flu, but she was brought back in whilst I was looking around and she melted my heart! I looked in to her big eyes and she looked at me and I just knew she was the one! It is so true when they say you don't choose them, they choose you! Kiki has settled in very well and follows me around the house pretty much everywhere, she is a real mummy's girl and loves to just snuggle up next to me on the sofa or on my lap. She is making me cope with my health issues to and I am definitely on an upward journey with it all, and a big part of that is thanks to my gorgeous Kiki!!

Blue, rehomed by David & Brenda

We adopted two lovely Cats in 1994 from the Ark and called them Cobweb and Blue. Cobweb was unfortunately run over in 2000. We moved to France in 2004 with Blue and he has been our treasure and joy and much loved. We had to have him put to sleep today (6th May 2016) at the ripe old age of 22. We are both in bits and missing him so much but we have many fond memories to remember him by. We would like to thank The Ark for letting us have these two lovely boys all those years ago and if ever we manage to get back to the UK we hope we can visit and give our thanks personally.

Larry & James, rehomed by william wright

For a while I wanted a pet that was small,fun and active so as a normal teenager I goggled fun small pets and one of the results was Degu. After much research and a lot of convincing mum and dad they finally allowed me to get a pair. They asked me if I wanted to buy or rescue them so I decided I would try my luck here. My mum rung up and asked if they had any, the women said we might have some but its not something we have all the time. So we decided to go up that day and have a look... When we arrived they asked us to fill in a short form and then they took us through to have a look at the degus (which luckily arrived that morning). The degus that where in the cage where extremely scared and vulnerable with one of them needing to have surgery. After a half an hour visit we decided it was time to go. On the 23rd of August we got a a call saying 2 new degus had come in that morning and had been checked by the vet a ready to go home with us. The staff at the Ark where very friendly and kind and gave me various sheets of paper with help guides to keeping them as well as food that they have been feeding them with (you can't change their food to quick) as well as a couple toys that they have got cosy with. I am happy to report the degus are doing very well and I extremely recommend the Ark. They are really nice and I cant't fault them.

Tommy, rehomed by Rachael

I adopted Tommy in Oct 2014. I had a cat before Tommy who was feral and I couldn't cope with her in a domestic situation. Tommy, on the other hand, is definitely a domestic cat and I'm sure his previous owners must miss him very much. I understand that he was a stray but he is incredibly well house trained. Someone once said, 'cats choose us, rather than the other way around'. This is true because Tommy jumped into my arms on our first meeting. His favorite occupation is lying in the sun, being picked up and made a fuss of and lying on the sofa sleeping. He is very affectionate and likes to sit on my feet if I'm watching television. He does have a habit of getting out of the bedroom window and sitting on next-door's bay window while the sun is on that part of the house! All in all, I'm very pleased that Tommy has grown to enjoy his life here.

Daina, rehomed by Alison Watkins

We adopted Daina in March 2014. Not particularly looking for a Staffie (only as unfortunately they get a bad reputation), which, is so wrong as these dogs are the most amazing family dogs!. First day home and it felt Daina had always been here. I highly recommend visiting the Ark and especially these type of breed that seems to get forgotten. Just look at the picture!!

J.J, rehomed by Keysell Family

During the February half term (2016)we told the children that we were going up to the Stubbington ark to look for a cat to adopt. I warned them that it might take a while before we actually found/were allowed to take a cat. Three days later we had a cat in our home. J.J. was actually the second cat we looked at that day. We made our choice there and then to adopt him. He had obsessively groomed after a flea allergy so we couldn't take him until he had been seen by a vet, so that we could be given some medication to take with us. After a long day out we treated the children to a MacDonald’s. Their reaction “Best day ever - MacDonald’s and a new cat.” How well did the cat settle into his new home?. Lets put it this way - my husband said last night “it seems odd now to think of a time when JJ wasn't with us”. He has slipped seamlessly into out lives. His favourite place is a chair in our bedroom, that I like to retreat to to read. He will sit and glare until I get up, if I read in that chair now. He is straight on it if I move off. In the evening he likes to lap hop – so no one feels left out – which is very generous of him. We bought a scratching post after seeing them at the ark and it works really well. If he does scratch at the furniture we just have to say stop once and he leaves it alone. He likes playing with a feather toy we bought him although his favourites a piece of string and shoe box that he likes to sit in. In the first week of his arrival my husband gave him the wrong cat food. He was straight up to my son's room to get him up so he could come down and give him the right breakfast. I could go on and on about this marvellous animal. He seems so content. He is our perfect match.

Dexter, rehomed by Alec and Rose

We adopted Dexter (formerly Louis) in January. Our first meeting was not a resounding success as Dexter refused to leave the safety of his covered bed. When finally coaxed out with some treats he slunk out with his belly on the floor and stayed out just long enough to eat his treats. Having been rescued from a house of multiple cats we thought it may take some time for him to settle. How wrong we were, after a couple of days of hiding he absolutely blossomed and just loves rolling around, playing with his toys, eating and particularly sleeping! Our thanks to everyone at the Ark especially Amy who looked after Dexter before he became our best friend.

Effie, rehomed by Claire, Roger and Sophie

We met Effie on our second visit to the Ark on a cold, wet November morning. We were desperate to adopt a cat having lost our dear Nimue, also a rescue cat, in October aged 17 years. As soon we saw Effie, a beautiful tabby cat, we were smitten. She came into the pen to meet us, wound herself around our legs and miaowed. There was no doubt that she was to be the new member of our family. She has been living with us for a while now and has settled in very well. She loves the garden and exploring everywhere. Effie is the most vocal cat we have ever had and always greets us and head butts us for attention and cuddles. She is quite a character and a climber! Life just wouldn't be the same without her.

Logan, rehomed by Lauren, Nikki and Phil

We adopted Logan in 2015, a short while after our rescue cat Elsie passed away. Missing the company of a cat around the house, we went to the ark to see if there were any cats suitable and straight away we spotted the handsome Logan. We went in to pet him for a short while and soon found him to be very friendly. Now very settled he loves nothing more than to fall asleep next to you. He's been a wonderful addition to our home and can't imagine life without him.

Sophie, rehomed by Amy & Tom

My son and I were adopted by Sophie way back in April 2003. Her huge, green eyes compelled us to look no further - she was 'the one'! It was love at first sight. In 2008 we emigrated to Spain and that suited Her ladyship very well indeed - lovely warm sunshine and a wood burning stove for the winter months, not to mention extra people to worship and fuss her! We all adored her and were devastated when she faded away in April 2015 - a grand old lady of 20 years. My parents commissioned this beautiful painting of her so we can still say hello to her every morning. She was my beautiful, faithful friend and companion through many trials and tribulations. The pain of loss would not prevent me from doing it all again. Thank you Stubbington Ark for doing such fantastic work.

Charlie, rehomed by Andy and Sophie

On our first visit we saw Charlie sat looking sad and we knew he was right for us. The little guy had mouthing and hyperactivity issues. But within a couple of weeks training and love his true personality started to shine through. We've had him almost 4 months now and he's the perfect little dog! His favourite spot is on the stairs...

Nero & Toby, rehomed by Malcolm

I have now settled on their new names. They have been with me for just over a week now and join me in the evenings on the sofa. They insist on "helping me" to find things whenever I open a cupboard or when I'm on my hands and knees trying to retrieve a ping-pong ball they have batted under the furniture. They are both very friendly, often ask for a pick-up and cuddle - even if they have to jump on a table to get my attention! I am trying, unsuccessfully, to stop them jumping on the table, in the sink, work surfaces and the tops of wall cupboards. Maybe one day! I mislaid my car keys recently and later found they had been "borrowed" from a work surface and batted under the fridge. I am looking forward to seeing them explore the garden in two weeks time.

Billy, rehomed by Amy

My friends knew that I was looking for a cage mate for my Degu Maki after his brother passed away. They pointed me in the direction of the Ark, and to Billy, another lone Degu. Billy is very shy, wary of humans and was rarely handled. Although he was afraid of me, (and everything else as well!) he took to Maki, immediately sniffing, grooming, and made happy noises during their initial introduction. It wasn't long before they were cage mates together, quite happy. Billy is slowly getting braver and trusting the humans in is new home. On Christmas eve, he even came out onto my lap to investigate the treat that Maki was already tucking into. The little bond between Billy and I is still growing. Slowly but surely, we are enjoying each other's company. He's a little sweetie!

Barney, rehomed by Peter and Alexandra

We adopted Barney from the Ark in 2011. He had been in the Ark for about 4 months and he came straight out of his pen and sat on my lap like he was claiming us! He is happy and content and definitely lets us know what he wants/needs. At a recent visit to the vets even the nurses commented how handsome and cuddly he was. We both grew up with cats and have always had them as pets as adults and of all of them we have known Barney is simply the best!

Inky & Toby, rehomed by Malcolm

Names are provisional (Inky is the black one) as I'm still getting to know them. I only collected them 02/01/16 but they have settled in very well already. They can still be easily startled but recover quickly. They are both little charmers, very friendly and affectionate and are so nice together - curling up together to sleep. They are full of energy and love exploring. They treat my kitchen like an adventure playground, especially at night. Most mornings I come down to find something on the floor but I can't get annoyed with them, they are so cute. I think they may have been studying the special look used by the cat in the Shrek films! They enjoy cuddles, including being upside down with all four legs in the air getting their tummies rubbed. I cannot thank the Ark enough for introducing us, especially as they came at a time when I had just lost a close family member. It is very therapeutic to go and make a fuss of them. The picture shows Inky eating from his cat bed. He was feeling a bit reluctant to come for his food so I picked him up in the tent and put him in front of his dish before the other one cleared that, too!

Pickle & Mugwumps, rehomed by Kaye & Tony

We were cajoled into getting a new cat (note the singular!) by two of our best friends having recently lost Susie and Dillon, who we also adopted from the Ark. However, one look at Pickle (the ginger) and Mugwumps and we were smitten. Mike Ward happened to see us on the day we took the boys home and was delighted they they were "going to a good home to be spoilt rotten"! Kaye calles Pickle our "filmstar" , he being the image of Puss in Boots from the Shrek films - he even had the "attitude" The pair of them have been absolutely wonderful friends and companions over the years but unfortunately both have now gone to be with Dillon and Susie in cat heaven. We miss them both terribly but look back to the happy times they spent with us.

Clover and Twitch, rehomed by Sara

We adopted Clover aged 1 (the white lop eared rabbit) from the Ark in 2009 along with her mate Nibbles. Sadly, Nibbles passed away a couple of years later and Clover was on her own for a while. In 2013 we visited the Ark to look for a new mate for her and found Twitch aged 2 1/2 ( white/brown rabbit). Clover came to the Ark for a weeks holiday to see if they could live with each other and happily they could! It's been 2 1/2 years since we brought Twitch home and he is a much loved part of our family who gets on very well with Clover, our two cats Max and Mimi and with occasional stays by a family puppy. Thank you Ark for allowing us to adopt some amazing animals over the last 18 years. We have loved each and every one of them! ( 3 cats, 3 rabs and a hamster!)

Barnaby, rehomed by Ali

My Dad read an article in our local parish magazine, asking for people with land/out buildings to consider re-homing a feral cat. We have stables, with horses & a goat – unfortunately this attracts rodents – I have a huge fear of rats, & hate putting poison down, so this seemed an ideal solution. We went in & met Barnaby, a very cool street wise black cat who had been at Stubbington for about 10 months. He went in as an unneutered stray, and I believe found life quite stressful & was desperate to get back outside. The cattery ladies were very fond of him, and he was becoming trusting of humans. Barnaby has settled in very quickly at our stables, he sleeps in the hay barn, feeds in the caravan, and has the run of 4 acres with no other cats, stalking the wildlife to his hearts content & chilling out. He is incredibly vocal, and as soon as I arrive he runs as fast as he can back to the stables & meow’s loudly until he is fed. He demands attention, and forgets himself when I am sorting the horses, and forgets he is shy and sits behind me wanting the attention. His coat is lovely and glossy, and he seems really settled & happy – we love seeing our Barnaby enjoying life to the max at his forever home

Ripley, rehomed by Kevin & Denise

We visited the Ark on several occasions with the aim of finding a 5 year-old or less, small dog. When we first saw Ripley, he had no details on the outside of his pen and while he looked ideal, his grey face made him to look too old. Fortunately we went inside the kennel and there saw a full description... he was a Terrier type (with a lot of Jack Russell) that was a stray estimated at about 2 years old. Initially too timid to even come to the door for treats, he perked up once out of his run on a lead. His first cheeky act was to cock his leg on my wheelchair wheel and at that point, he'd won our hearts. The little black and white hound has been with us since August 2014 and has brought so much fun to our home & holidays. He now knows how to play and what to do with a ball and toys and recently has even worked out that even though I sit down all the time, he can come for cuddles on my lap or bed. We don't know how we coped without him... thank you Stubbington Ark.

Sooty & Sweep (were Reggie & Ronnie), rehomed by Steve, Cheryl and Sam (Cat meister)

Sooty & Sweep joined us in November 2014 - as kittens, adopted as a pair...(we were only looking for one...but!!) They joined us as a family, with our 5 year old Pyrenean Mtn Dog. They spent the first few days in one room, where expected them to be timid, hid in their basket and stay in the car carrier.. Not a bit of it..! They were out like rockets... and wanted to explore this new world... settled in with our dog..and now rule the house...- we've made them scratch posts, beds and theres often a snoozing cat on the study window or in the kitchen radiator bed. A few puddles and incidents along they way and Dont mention the Christmas tree/climbing frame) , but they are now HUGE family favourites and have become big hit for visitors and the neighbours alike... Even for Steve who feared he might be allergic to cats.. he was prepared to stomach it... for our son who has always wanted a cat.. - Now... Sweep wont pass the evening without sitting on Steves lap infront of the TV... and as Steve works from home, quite a few emails have been sent by the cats by walking across the keyboard enroute to the open window. And Sam is never happier unless hes seen his "boys".. we all love them... we all laugh with them... and they seem part of the family. Thanks to the Ark for letting us take these two onboard - they have transformed our lives for the better!

Mika (was Turkish), rehomed by Briony and Craig

We saw Turkish (now Mika) and immediately he came up to the cage in interest. He was really nervous, but we could tell he just wanted a big cuddle and purred so loudly! We took him. After a few tense weeks at home with our original cat, Kimi, he began to come for more and more strokes. Now they are the best of friends! Thank you for looking after such a lovely, loving cat.

leela, rehomed by sharon

when we went to the ark i was so excited wasn't sure what to expect we look at the puppy unit first as had two children age 8 at the time that were a bit scared of dogs so i need a dog that could grow with them we came in and their she was looking at the window wagging her tail she was 9 weeks old and full of fun we done all the necessary checks and we pick her up on January 2009 i always remember the nurse wanting to give her jab before we left i was holding her in my arms and the nurse came close to us she gave a little growl as she didn't want to go with her who could blame her she wanted to stay with her new mum now she had found her from that moment on leela has always been there for us my children had a best friend that was always happy to see them and me well she saved my life when i fell a crossed the road on Christmas eve it was 5 o'clock in the morning no one was about she and my other dog pepper saw a fox which made them pull me and i fell and broke my leg in three places i said to leela go and get daddy a few times she prick her ears up and ran towards the front door i had left the door open lucky they ran in and sat at the bottom of my stairs and barked until my husband woke up so she has always been there for me and my family and we will always be there for her am so glad that i went to the ark that day and maybe at was fate for her and me thank you the smiths

Marla, rehomed by The Zaman Family

We went to adopt Marla in May 2011, and since then she's spent almost six long years with us as a part of the family. She spends most of her days climbing on things, being told not to climb on things, ignoring that command and then being stranded atop things she cannot jump off. Other activities include imitating a sheep and eating the grass and sticking her face into all of the mugs that have been left on the table.

Lola and Phoebe, rehomed by Jennifer

I adopted Lola and Phoebe as kittens from the Ark in June 2012 after losing our lovely Harley in a road accident whom I had, had, for 17 years. I wasn't too sure about getting another cat so soon after Harleys death let alone two! but I got talked into these two beautiful girls by my son and his girlfriend! I wanted to get one older cat as everyone wants kittens and to be honest there were plenty of lovely cats to choose from, but these gorgeous girls stole our hearts. They were part of a litter of four, three girls and one boy, and really I would loved to have had them all! but as we all know vets bills, food and generally taking care of animals is expensive so I had to stick to just the two. I have had the girls for three years now and they are the most sweet natured and adorable cats you could imagine. Lola is almost a housecat as she is very nervous and only ventures into the garden to sit in the sun and Phoebe likes to sit on the garden wall and watch passers-by. They are so loving and demand lots of cuddles and attention, they have become a big part of our family

Summer , rehomed by Dorothy and Martin

We saw Summer online and thought she looked lovely. We went to the Ark and saw her, not realising she was the same cat until I saw her name. We brought her home at the end of July, after she had been at the Ark since April. As soon as she got home she went and hid under a sideboard where she stayed for two days just coming out for food and comfort breaks. She started to come out and eventually stayed out longer and longer. She has now settled in really well. She loves a cuddle and sits looking through the cat flap watching the world go by. She is still timid with strangers but has already taken over the house. She sheds hair a lot and no outfit is complete without cat hair!!

Floyd, rehomed by Ria & Richard

It took a good few months for Floyd to really show his true personality - he was the most obedient dog in the world - he is still a good boy of course, but he's stubborn, a mischievous and a very funny boy. If I'm not complying with his "ball playing/walking" wishes, he actually sits with his back to me!! He's been with us a good few years now, and his paws are well and truly under the table - every space is his space, every surface is his bed, and he has all the tennis balls he can eat, a cherished member of our family.

Duke, rehomed by Jack & Emily

We adopted Duke in November 2014 when he was 14 months old, he had a few issues with training but has settled in brilliantly. He is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than a nice long walk followed by a snooze on anything soft (ie the sofa!). His training is ongoing but he has come a long way in a short space on time. Duke is much loved and we can't imagine living without him now, in short he is a legend!

Sasha, rehomed by Erin

Sasha is a Staffy JRT and had been mistreated in the past. We were told she had been given back to the Ark after 2 days with her last family so I was even more driven to gain her trust and make her feel secure. She looked so sad in her pen and just kept squishing herself up against the bars to get a tickle under her ear. She needed re-housetraining and to re-learn all the basic commands. She crawled along the floor and flinched if you made any sudden movements. I have cleaned up a lot of accidents and chewed up furniture but 6 months later she is an absolute diamond. I cried the day I picked her up because I was so excited to have her and that feeling has only grown stronger. She is the apple of my eye and we are looking forward to visiting family in Ireland this christmas now she has her doggy passport! She is the loveliest gentlest funniest dog and I was so lucky to find her.

Bellatrix, formerly known as Venus, rehomed by Daizy MacDonald

We came to Stubbington Ark in July in search of a cat. We marvelled at all the adorable cats and kittens parading behind the glass windows. However, the one cat that I almost walked past was Venus. She wasn't exactly selling herself; she was hiding away in the corner and looking really bored. I didn't really like her at first, and she was looking rather evil. My mum, who has always loved cats, decided to give her a chance. We asked the lovely kennel maid if we could have a visit. As soon as we entered the enclosure Venus came bounding over towards us. My mum picked her up and she started purring like a lawn mower! We immediately fell in love with her cute face and how she liked everyone she saw. My dad, my mum, my two naughty brothers and myself were all crammed into Venus's kennel. The cat, however, wasn't at all fazed. She jumped onto my brother's lap and started grooming herself. After that we decided that we simply had to have her. So we reserved her straight away, and sat fidgeting on the long drive home, anticipating the wistful moment when we would return to collect her. I was really surprised to find that two weeks later we were free to come and pick her up. Bellatrix is the most affectionate cat who loves cuddles and snuggling up to us all. She is very tolerable of all the noise in our house! She loves sunbathing and exploring in the garden, and sleeps in a wide variety of places-in fact, a different place every day! She also loves jumping over the garden fence and cheekily lying in our neighbour's conservatory! We all love Bella to bits and I cannot express in words how pleased I am to have changed my mind that day at the RSPCA centre. Thank you so much to my mum for persuading me to give her a chance! We love you Bella! Keep up the good work and I hope all of the beautiful pets find loving owners soon.

Freddie and Phoebe , rehomed by Andrew and Emma

We adopted Freddie (was Sid) in November 2014 when he was a skinny 6 month old pup. He's grown into an extremely speedy powerhouse (staffie x whippet) who quickly nods off after too much play. Freddie is a destroyer of cushions and dog beds but his loveable personality more than makes up for this. Phoebe (formerly De-De) joined us in February 2014. She was in beautiful condition (and well fed!) and we could tell she'd been much loved by her previous owner. She's a big, clumsy bundle of love who loves to steal socks and shoes if she decides she's not getting enough attention!

Was graham now silvio, rehomed by Roma & ashley

We met our little mate Silvio on August 15 2014. We were lucky enough to take him home the following day. He spent 3 months at the ark before we took him home. He was found as a stray. It amazes me that he spent that long there... He really is the most loveliest little thing ever and continues to brighten up our lives daily! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you at the ark for taking such good care of him and to frankie who introduced us. He really is the most loved pet in the world. Who ever found our little mate and took him to the ark in May 2014 if you are reading this... Thank you so very much. X

Casper and Rueben, rehomed by Sophie and family

On our first visit to the ark in june 2011 we adopted marley and in july 2011 we adopted casper, both cats got along like the best of friends. Unfortunately 8 months later marley passed away from feline peritonitis :( we were all absolutley devastated and wondered if we could ever rehome another cat again. As time passed we felt it was the right time to re home another cat and so back to the ark we went. In the quiet area a little black kitten (then called cajun) sat with all his toys around him, with his big green eyes staring up, we knew he was the boy for us! We re named him Rueben. Both of our boys didnt have the best of starts but they are now treated like kings which is what they rightly deserve! They are a special part of our family.

Oreo, rehomed by Emma and Charlie

We rehomed Oreo after falling in love with him from a picture on this site. He has settled in brilliantly and loves human company. He has very quickly become the lord of the manor and has made our house a home.

Phoebe and Thomas, rehomed by The Capp Family

We adopted Phoebe (ginger and black torti) and Thomas (grey tabby) in Easter 2001 when they were 6 months old. Since then, they have been key family members, with us naming our daughter after Phoebe the Cat !! Sadly we lost Phoebe Cat in January 2015 after a short illness with a stomach cancer, however Thomas is still going strong and remains our little boy (much to our sons amusement). Adopting was an easy painless process and I recommend it to everyone who would like to find their special fury friend.

thomas, rehomed by elaine

Had thomas on the 28th of december 2013 he is such a loving boy aged 9 then. He has no teeth due to previous diet but that did not bother me, he eats well, but loves his fresh chicken breast chopped up, he has an infra red cat flap so he comes and goes when he wants, however does not go to far, he likes his home comforts so much. He loves his toys that we have given him and is such good company. I highly recommend going to the ark if you are serious about having a pet and can give someone a loving home, he has made my life perfect again after losing a cat aged 14 over 3 years ago, I have always had cats and they have all been rescued. He is friendly to all after he gets to know them, but likes female company best. he knows when i roughly finish work, as soon as i open the door he greets me,he has several sleeping places over the house but he loves his cat sofa the best as he stretches out on it and in winter months it is by a radiator so keeps him nice and warm As I am nearly 60 there are no children around or any other pets so he is my baby, i can spoil him when i can and love him to bits.

Pepper, rehomed by The Abrahams

My children had been asking for a rabbit for a while, and I had agreed to the idea in principle. I had seen a picture of Pepper on The Ark's website and thought 'she's the one!'. We visited The Ark the next day and Joe and Leon (aged 8 and 5) knew at once she was the bunny for us. It took us a little while to prepare everything at home, but we brought her home in February 2015 and she has settled in brilliantly. She has the run of the whole back garden during the day and enjoys resting under the fuschia bush, nibbling the flowers, lounging on the sunlounger and chasing the neighbours cat! She comes inside for a cuddle as well and we all love sitting and stroking her. I recently found her and my son Joe curled up together asleep. Pepper needed to go to home where she would be the only rabbit, but she is very sociable and inquisitive, and bounds around when we are all in the back garden as a family, wanting to be involved. We don't know how old she is or what her history is, but she seems to have been loved as she is very calm and gentle. We couldn't have picked a better rabbit, she is such a lovely girl. Thank you to The Ark for letting us have her.

Pudge, rehomed by Cherrie and Tom

Pudge was very much a love at first sight moment! I was dropping off some towels and went to the Cattery "for a look." There she was, looking a little bit straggly and sad. I knew then she was meant to be my cat. After talking to the girls in the Cattery I learnt she had been hit by a car 3 months early and was found at the side of the road severely injured. She had to have her eye and teeth removed and had to have her jaw wired shut. It had taken her months to learn how to eat again. Despite all she had been through she was a lovely, playful and cuddly girl. After a short wait she was able to come home. She loves nothing more than napping in the shade and changing blades of grass. She is the most perfect lovable girl.

Tiny aka Hope, rehomed by Cherrie and Tom

I first saw Tiny ( then known as Hope) on your website in March 2013. She had been rescued at 2 weeks old and was spending her days in the accounts office and her nights with her foster mama Marianne. It was love at first sight! I popped in serveral weeks later and she was just ready for adoption. After a few weeks of visiting her everyday we were able to take her home to meet her 3 kittens sisters! Now, 2 years later she's still very much the baby of the family and likes to spend her time sleeping on her sister Stitch's head or on her human mama's lap.

MITTENS, rehomed by Richie & Vanessa

We popped into the Ark one day just on the off chance, and not really looking for anything particular. Anyway we ended up in the isolation room in the cattery. In one of the enclosures we saw a pair of eyes looking out of a sleeping box. with that a beautiful black cat with white bib and paws launched herself at me, pawing at the glass. the girl in charge said it was very unusual behaviour as the cat was scared of her own shadow. We returned the next day and Mittens was let out, after a lap of the room, she curled up on my lap ( Im in a wheelchair ) purring. Sadly on Tuesday this week mittens was laid on my lap once more and went to sleep, purring forever, having a very short, but rapid form of Cancer. Thank you Mittens for being my most loyal and beloved friend for nine years. We will never repair our hearts or forget you my little girl. You choose us to be your family, and I know you loved us as much as we loved you. The degree of our mutual loyalty is so, so rare GOOD NIGHT BABY GIRL, SWEET DREAMS. XxX

Molly, rehomed by Nadine & Scott

We got Molly from the Ark last November. . As soon as I saw her, I had to have her. Within the hour, we had reserved her & the week after we were picking her up! She fitted in straight away! No fear about exploring the house and introducing herself to the Rabbits. She is such a character and loves a chat when you get in from work. She will actually greet you with a "Hello!" She is ridiculously spoilt & has a mountain of toys, but her favourite is a Pink pom pom ball which she even takes to bed with her! We really couldn't have picked a better addition to our little home.

penny, rehomed by Fran

i adopted penny month ago and she has settled in very well she also has a big brother to boss around

Was Ashley, now Pookie, rehomed by Barbara

It's often said that "you don't choose them - they choose you" and that's definitely what happened! Pookie started his campaign when I saw his photo on the Ark website, and noticed that he had been at the centre for 8 months. So I came in with half a mind to seek him out, and when I found his enclosure it was mutual love at first sight! I brought him home on Black Friday, and he's been a complete delight ever since. He was a stray and is still very timid, but extremely purry and affectionate and has settled in just fine - although I have never managed to convince him that 5.30am is still a bit early for breakfast! Black cats are just ace! :-)

Minty & Bubbles, rehomed by Williams Family

We adopted Minty & Bubbles around 10 years ago now and honestly couldn't have wished for two better cats. Bubbles was incredibly shy before but now is as outgoing and confident as ever. The two of them settled in fairly quickly and now you wouldn't be able to tell that they were two rescue cats, with perfect health and living a happy life!

Elliot (formerly Billy), rehomed by Philippa

As soon as I saw his handsome ginger face hissing at me I knew I'd found just who I was looking for! He was very scared and skittish at first and hated being shut inside for the first couple of weeks. However, he's now such a happy boy and loves headbutting people. He spends hours outside getting up to mischief, he's an expert hunter and a bit of a fighter too! He definitely lives up to his reputation as a ginger boy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Elvis, rehomed by Colleen & Russell.

We wanted another cat after our beautiful naughty tortie, Mouse, sadly died after being hit by a car. We already have a cat, Little One (one of Mouse's daughters) & a cat loving Border Collie, Loki. We visited the Ark, to "just have a look" & a small, cute bundle of energy caught our eye. We went into his outside run to meet him. and we knew there was no way we would be leaving him there. So after our two children had met him a few days later, we brought him home. There were a few "teething" problems with Little One (another naughty tortie & drama queen), but now, a month later they are sorting out their differences and getting along. Loki is loving having another furry face in the house, and Elvis seems to love Loki too. Elvis is an affectionate boy, who sleeps on the bed at night, but has to be in contact with one of us..so cute.

Victor renamed Sammy, rehomed by Sheri

I got Sammy from the ark about 16 years ago he was a stray collie x Alsatian,about 1 year old , he was the most adorable dog, full of fun and energy he lived to a ripe old age of roughly 17, he passed away 6 weeks ago , thank you to the ark for rehoming him to me I had lots of happy years with him

Sam, rehomed by The Matthews'

We went to the RSPCA looking for a new dog when we found Sam. He was a very shy dog back then wanting to stay inside, taking time to go near anyone but now he's a bundle of joy who loves going on walks to the park and socializing with other dog. He has become one of the family even though he can become quite cheeky from time to time. "You took me in when I was down And you found me a nice new home I am happy as can be as you can plainly see I even have a cat friend named Kiwi A nicer family no dog could ever find They are all so living and so very kind I am so happy so I want to say Thank you all at the RSPCA" - Sam Matthews

Rose, rehomed by John

Rose had big paws to fill. I had recently lost my lovely cat of 19 years when I visited the Ark in 2013. It was mutual attraction though when Rose's cattery door was opened; immediately I was greeted by a solid head butt and nose rub! Rose was the cat for me! I picked her up shortly after and she quickly settled in. Friends remarked that she acted as though she had always lived there! Two years later she is still as mad as a box of frogs and I love her for it. I could not wish for a more loving and loyal companion. She is pictured here putting in her usual hard days work!

Zuki, rehomed by Doreen & Frank

Zuki was very shy when we first saw her in The Ark's Adoption Cattery and we nearly missed her when we came in to view some cats one day in Jan15. But with a little encouragement, although she wasn't very happy in the cattery environment, she came out to see us and we realised what a gorgeous, gentle cat she was and fell for her in an instant! We wanted to give a loving home to an older cat as they so often get overlooked in the cattery and they tend to be happy just to having a nice warm lap/bed to rest upon for hours on end, which suited our home purrrfectly :) She settled in very quickly and we soon discovered her playful side and for an 11year old girl she just loves jumping around for her feather toy....but not too much as she's a little arthritic, bless her. She adores her new forever Mummy and follows her around the garden almost as if she's keeping a eye to make sure her Mummy doesn't run off! Zuki loves a chirrup chat and always greets you like a long lost friend when she's up for breakfast in the mornings...especially if you are giving her her favourite Applaws chicken food. We are so happy to have found our lovely Zuki, she's an adorable companion and we would encourage anyone to give a home to any of the 'Golden Oldies' as they have so much love to give! :) Sent from my iPad

Misty and Willis, rehomed by Andy and Karen

We adopted Misty (long haired) and Willis (black and white) in December 2011. We lost our 15 year old persian "Dusky" in May that year. I never thought I would love another cat the same as Dusky but Misty and Willis have certainly filled the void that was left. We visited the Ark and knew as soon as we saw Misty that she was the cat for us. Her pen mate "Willis" was so persistent for strokes and cuddles each time we visited Misty that we couldn't leave him behind.

Gizzy, rehomed by Clare & Paul

We got Gizzy back in March 2014 and it's the best thing we ever done. She has a great character and is definitely the centre of our house! She loves travelling with us in our camper van, swimming wherever possible, collecting many sticks (all at once), frequenting the pub, enjoyed a festival and has even tried a bit of paddle boarding! Not only is she loved by us but seems to win over anyone she meets. Having Gizzy had definitely made our family complete.

Willow aka Princess Fluff!, rehomed by Sarah & Ian

In Nov2010 we came for our first visit to The Ark and came across a very ragged looking ball of black fluff called Willow...it was love at first sight - and we had only come in for a look! She immediately crept into our arms so gently and just relaxed as though saying `Phew - I`ve found my forever home at last`...well, that`s what we like to think! Anyway, we had to wait until Jan2011 to pick her up as she had a bout of cat flu but she is fine and it has never returned thankfully. After lots of TLC and gradual grooming, she emerged as the most beautiful Persian Dollface and her coat is so glossy now. She just loves your company and to play chase me up, just like a dog! She is also known as Princess Fluff when she is having a regal moment on her cat perch surveying all her territory - and keeping an eye out for her naughty little brother Wolfie Pumpkin! Out heartfelt thanks, once again, to everyone at The Ark for all they do to help cats like Willow find their forever homes - you`re all stars! x

Cosmo, rehomed by The Finch Family

Cosmo came home with us 3 years ago this September, after over a year in the Ark. He continues to make us all laugh everyday, and the most loving friendly member of our family. He's learnt to take most things into his stride, living in our mad family, and is a great little running partner, having completed half marathon training plans with us. He's even climbed Ben Nevis! His greatest love in life, however, will always be spending the day sunbathing on the trampoline...

Brian & Stuart, rehomed by The Campbell Family

We came to The Ark in 2008 looking for a kitten to join our family. A lovely member of staff introduced us to a litter of black and white kittens where all but two had been reserved for new homes. We couldn't chose between them and didn't want to leave one behind so we decided to give them both their forever home :) 7 years later and they are still adorable, happy boys. We would be lost without them x

Hayden, rehomed by Mrs Rawlins

We got Hayden after losing our other rescue dog Beryl from the Ark. He was left in a bag with his 5 brothers, as soon as we meet him we knew he was family. He is a very spoilt pup and rules the house, he is 15 now. I have shared many a secret and tear with my pup pup .

Milly (formerly Emily), rehomed by Mariana & Phil

We got Milly on March 2014. As a true female, she has a grest personality. She fill our lives with joy. We couldn't life without her anymore. Thanks.

Bradley and Bungle, rehomed by Chris and Gemma

We adopted Bradley in December 2013 and shortly after we had to get him a friend, rescuing Bungle in February 2014. They're now best of friends and do everything together, swimming, eating, running and posing for photographs. In March 2014 they both completed a 100 mile walk across the SouthDowns way, sleeping in a tent along route, and also raising funds for Stubbington Ark for the amazing work they do!

Wolfie Pumpkin, rehomed by Sarah & Ian

We fell in love with this little orphan kitten who was recovering from a broken leg...he'd been through so much in his short life, we just had to give him a loving home. Resident cats Tim & Willow put up with his antics as he grew and now, 18months later, he's a 5kilo bundle of fun & love....and his favourite game is playing chase in the garden with the resident fox! He's a bit of a Daddy's boy and will curl up on his lap for an evening checking out what's on the TV but soon comes running when Mummy opens a can of tuna! We are so grateful for the work all the staff at The Ark put in to help him through his first couple of months, especially his 'Foster Mummy' Marianne....thank you! We hope to have many more years looking after him and he has brought us such happiness & laughter in our home on a daily basis...we love him dearly.

Sadie, rehomed by Francesca & Kieran

Sadie was at the Ark for a fair few months but the second we saw her we knew we needed to give this little old lady her retirement home. We can truly say adopting Sadie is the best thing we've ever done. The amount of joy she brings our family is priceless. She is 10 years old next month so certainly no spring chicken but still enjoys walks in the woods and going to the beach but most of all she loves cuddling with mum and dad up on the sofa or snuggles in bed. She is now well and truly spoilt and we feel by having her that we are spoilt too!

Harvey, rehomed by Jacqui and Pete

We got Harvey from the Ark in 1999 age 5 as a stray and he lived a thoroughly happy and spoiled life until he passed away earlier this year at the ripe old age of 20! Since then we have adopted two more boys from the Ark, Rusty & Sox, who are settling in very nicely and making our house a home again. The photo is of Rusty & Sox (previously named Biscuit & Fate)

Sully, rehomed by Louise and Adam

We adopted Sully last March. He was originally called Ollie but we changed his name. It was just before his 1st birthday. He is an amazing dog, so pleased we found him. Would be lost without him. Sully has settled in so well and our 3 boys absolutely adore him! The thing he loves the most is cuddles and lots of long walks. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him x

Skye, rehomed by Richard & Alison Inskip

We re homed Skye the malamute x In 2009 as a companion for our female Siberian Husky Sapphire. They were inseparable for the next 3 yrs. Skye did have a few issues when he came to us but with sapphires help and all our friends he became a fabulous dog. Sadly Skye was diagnosed with tumours 3 yrs ago this May and we had to say good bye to him. He is missed daily by all of us here. We thank the Ark for allowing us to bring him home and making him happy in his forever home.

Zorro, rehomed by Claire and Mum Wendy

I was really ill in 2009 with depression and my Mum took me to the Ark to get me out of the house. There in the cattery we saw this wild black thing. It was hissing and spitting and attacking the wire gate. I really felt for him, I had to take him home and love him. Over the years, I have improved, little by little, and so has he. He is the apple of my eye. He still attacks, but only if he doesn't get his own way. He's spoilt rotten and now comes to me for cuddles, something we never thought he would be able to do. He is my constant companion and I am forever grateful that I visited the Ark that day. He is one of the most challenging cats we've had from the Ark, but he's worth all the effort, he's loving, playful and loyal.

Peanut & Humbug, rehomed by Neil & Lisa

We've had the girls for a year now.. they have just had their first birthdays. Neil wanted to get a companion for Dexter the bengal cross and when i saw kittens on the Facebook page of the Ark, well that was that. We went to see them and the two that were left were Peanut & Humbug (they weren't called that then!) we were told they wouldn't be separated so we decided to have them both. They are the best loving girls you could ask for and have fit in our busy household (with Dexter plus we have 3 rabbits) so easily. They both have their own personalities and we love them to bits. Peanut is black nosed and Humbug is white nosed. The photo I've added is them as babies and now. They get into all sorts of mischief and love a fuss all the time. And they LOVE water!

Gus, rehomed by Holly

We adopted six year-old Gus In October 2014. As soon as we entered the cattery, he pressed himself up against the glass and stared at us with beautiful huge eyes. I moved my head sideways, he copied me and rubbed his head against the glass. There was something so intelligent and special about him. I turned to my partner and said "He's the one." As soon as we brought him home after the advice that he may be a little scared and fearful - he strolled out of the carrier as soon as we'd set him down and claimed the entire house as his own as if he'd always lived here. Since then Gus has truly become such a character and a key part to our little family that I can't imagine life without him around. He comes when he's called, sits on our laps and demands cuddles and always stays by my side when I'm home alone. He is the complete definition of unconditional love.

coco now chester, rehomed by Jenny

When I saw coco I knew he was for me! I renamed him chester and he is just the most adorable cat ever. He has a routine and knows when it's time for bed. He lets us know when it's time to get up and for him to go out too. Our life is complete with chester now.

Winston the bulldog, rehomed by The Millers

Winston became part of our family the day we met him and it feels like he has always owned us. It is a fantastic job teaching him new things all the time and he learns very fast!!! It only took a few days for him to remember where his lead is kept and knew before we did it was time to go and explore again! Winston is a puppy in a 2 year olds body and he thinks he is a baby when he sits on your lap. He is an amazing little man who makes us laugh all the time. Thanks to all the staff ( and his Ark mum Megan) for your trust in allowing us to be his forever home, your work with him has made him the pleasure he is to have. He has made our family a mad house but wouldn't have it any other way, love this little man. The Millers.

Max and Alfie, rehomed by Emma

We got Max (black tombay cat) in 2010 at 1 year old and Alfie (tabby cat) in 2014 at 3 years old. Max was brought into the RSPCA after spending his first year in a flat and Alfie was brought in following numerous kidney health conditions. A huge thank you to everbodies donations as we have two very beautiful, very healthy and very happy little boys that are a huge part of our family. They are both loved dearly and can often be seen cosying up together or playing together in the garden. They were previously called Mackie and Oscar but we chose to rename them. :)

Ellie and Ruby, rehomed by Lorraine

We adopted Ellie and Ruby last May when they were 3 months old and they've settled in really well, they're both so funny, Ellie likes to catch worms in the garden and bring them in to us half eaten and rolls over on her back and does 'cute' whenever anyone comes over to see her, while Ruby likes to drag random items around the house and play with dog bones! They're both so loved and a little bit spoilt but we are so thankful to you for giving us two amazingly, wonderful cats!

Yaya and Kolo, rehomed by Sian and Tom

Our cats mother was found in a bin in Havant, luckily she was found before she gave birth to her litter. Last year we couldn't resist getting two kittens. They have just turned one year and they are enjoying their first summer, they love spending time in the garden chasing after all the flys!!

Pixie, rehomed by Jo Linkins

We adopted Pixie just before Christmas in 2013 and it was the best decision we ever made! Pixie is a sweet, quirky little cat with an inquisitive and playful nature which we adore. She settled in quickly and is very well behaved, except if there is bacon! The cattery team and volunteers did a great job looking after Pixie in the time she spent at the Ark, which has since inspired me to become a volunteer cat socialiser.

Bailey , rehomed by The Tebb family

We rescued bailey around 11 weeks ago he is now nearly 7 months old and loving family life. It feels like he has been here for ever. He loves playing with his tennis balls and going for long family walks with all the family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be able to have this fantastic handsome boy in our lives xxxx

Buzz, rehomed by Paul

Buzz was 10 months old when we adopted him in July 2014. He had a few issues with confidence, social skills and behaviour at first, but with patience and care over time he is learning and coping well. He is getting better with other dogs and lives peacefully with our cat Mo. Like all terriers, he has real character. Buzz can often be seen at the Ark as he comes to work with me most days.

Mo, rehomed by Paul

We adopted 12 year old Mo in August 2013. It didn't take her long to settle in to her new home.

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