Adopting from the Ark

Our process helps us to find a suitable, perminant home for all of our rescue animals.

The service we provide


On admittance each animal is given a health check, wormed and given an initial protective inoculation, unless we have documentary evidence of previous inoculation. Any identified health problems identified are referred to our on-site consultant Veterinary Surgeons. Please note that with puppies and young dogs certain problems, such as hip dysplasia, may not be apparent at the time and without knowledge of the parentage we cannot detect genetic problems.

Any animal which has received treatment in our care is cleared by the veterinary surgeon before it is made available for adoption. Staff will discuss any treatment or medical condition with prospective adopters. All cats and dogs are given a health check by authorised staff within 48 hours of adoption and you will be given a copy of this together with records of any other veterinary treatments received previously.

In cases where an animal is known to possess a specific condition, but still deemed rehomable by our vets, the condition and its prognosis are notified to the adopter, who will assume responsibility for the condition and the cost of future treatment.

  • We aim to identify all health problems, but are unable to guarantee an animal’s health. Nor are we able to accept responsibility for any health problem which develops after the animal has left the shelter. Adopters are responsible for their pets future healthcare, and adopters agree to this as part of the adoption procedure. Sadly, we do not have the funds to help beyond the point of adoption. We strongly advise you to arrange permanent pet insurance cover against the cost of veterinary treatment.

  • All cats, dogs and some small animals are neutered. If they're too young, or haven't yet had a chance to be neutered you'll receive a voucher towards the cost.


We review the behaviour of all animals during their stay here and ensure that they're suitable for rehoming, however we are not able to guarantee how an animal may behave once in your domestic environment, which is very different from the kennel situation they live in whilst they are with us.

  • We will advise from our experience of the animal.
  • We will offer telephone advice and support after adoption, if required.
  • We will visit after adoption to ensure all is well.

Commonly asked questions

Are any of the animals for adoption dangerous?

No. We assess every animal before making it available for adoption and in cases where the animal is demonstrably dangerous we will not make it available for adoption.

Do you pass animals on to other shelters?

Not normally, but there are times that a specialist shelter can provide more suitable care for rare and exotic animals. We also occasionally move some animals between shelters when we're struggling to rehome them, and feel that they might have more luck in another location (normally due to breed saturation).

When do you put animals down?

Only when it's in the animals best interest. We'll never put a healthy, safe and happy animal to sleep.