Stubbington Ark Supporters (SAS)

We rely on our regular supports to plan for the future, joining SAS is the best way to donate to the Ark.

Become a Member of the SAS

The Stubbington Ark cares for the many hundreds of animals that cross it's threshold every year. These animals have been found injured, abandoned or are victims of cruelty, abuse and neglect. An increasing number of animals are also being brought into the shelter for re-homing. Owners are finding it impossible to provide food and veterinary treatment for their much loved pets and have had to make the painful choice of giving them up.

Regular Gift

A regular gift of £5, £10 or more by Standing Order will allow the Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter to plan for the years ahead in the knowledge that the vital funds they need for 21st century animal welfare will be available.

SAS Rewards

We would like to reward you for your kindness as a regular donor to the shelter by:

  • SAS Member Certificate in recognition of your valued commitment to the scheme.
  • An enamel blue and silver SAS badge, exclusive to SAS members.
  • For a donation of £10 or more per month, members will have their name displayed on our Wall of Support and engraved on a plaque which will be displayed at the shelter.

So if you plan to make a donation to our work, please consider joining the SAS.

Your support means so much to so many.

Gift Aid It

If you are a UK Taxpayer, every £1 donation you generously make can be increased under Gift Aid without it costing you a penny. Gift aiding your donation allows the charity to reclaim the tax on that donation without any trouble to you.

SAS Wall of Support

We'd like to say a big thank you to the following SAS members who donate £10 or more every month.

Joyce Cockell, Susan Allen, Graeme Clark