Cat Socialiser

Giving our cats some company and attention to help relax

Our Cat Socialising Aims:

• to give the cats attention, and help them to relax • to give them exercise, playtime and socialisation

• to increase the confidence of nervous cats • grooming

The cattery environment is very scary and stressful for cats. When a cat is scared they will hide away in one of the ‘hiding boxes’ that we place in their units for them. Some cats are so scared that they will permanently stay in their box, and only eat overnight when it is quiet. Through regular socialising, spending a minimum of 20 minutes with each cat, they can be encouraged to come out of their hiding places, and therefore become more re-homeable. Lots of the more confident cats enjoy jumping out of the unit entirely and having a good stretch of their legs - and sometimes a major run around! - within the cattery and this is so good for their stress levels and it is a joy to see them visibly relax.

Once your application is received here, we will invite you along to the next available Cat Socialiser Induction which will be a classroom session of approximately 1.5hours and will cover health & safety aspects of working on site as well as a brief introduction to the role duties. Then at an agreed later date, you will have to undertake one hands on training session in the cattery with a member of staff before you can get working with our cats independantly.

NB There will be approximately a 6month wait for our induction training session as our volunteering is very popular.

Once your are trained, Cat Socialisers are welcome to work in the cattery every day of the week between 11am - 4pm - minimum 2hour each visit.

We look forward to welcoming you into our cattery soon!

How do I get involved?

Sorry, we don't currently have any vacancies for this role.