General Animal Care

Full day volunteering to assist with all species of animals & birds.

The role will be interesting and varied but we need volunteers who will be prepared to help in all aspects of animal care.

This includes cleaning animal accommodation, picking up animal waste, changing and disposing of dirty and soiled bedding, helping with feeding and washing up and any other duties at the request of staff which may include helping out around the site such as cleaning out and topping up water troughs and bowls, and helping to tidy play areas.

If you apply to be a Dog Carer and Socialiser you will be expected to walk dogs from all of our kennel blocks as directed by staff, which will include our rehoming and boarding blocks. There is a traffic light system for the handling of dogs and staff will determine which level of dog you are able to walk. This will be reviewed as you gain experience. Volunteering with rescue animals is not the most glamorous of roles but if you are prepared for hard graft and don't mind getting dirty, you are keen to learn and good at following instruction, then it can be an extremely rewarding role, especially when the hard work is done and you get to spend time with the animals.

You will interact and help socialise them, support them in adapting to and coping in their current surroundings and play a part in preparing them to go on to their forever homes. We care for and rehome all types of animals from all types of backgrounds; some will be fearful, some un-socialised, some with very specific behavioural/training requirements, some with health issues, and of course some very relaxed residents too. You will need to be comfortable yet empathetic when handling different animals with different issues which at times can be challenging and emotional, but of course enjoyable and rewarding too. You will be expected to volunteer in all weather conditions so be prepared to get cold and wet during the winter and hot (and probably wet), in the summer! Our animals need looking after and walking regardless of the conditions outside. You will need to be responsible for dressing appropriately for this.

Ideally you will be able to start at 8.30am and stay until at least 11.30am for a morning role, or start at 2pm and stay until 5pm for an afternoon role. Alternatively, you would be welcome to stay beyond 11.30am, up to a full day. Staff allocate tasks to volunteers at the start of their morning and afternoon shifts which is why we prefer you to arrive and be ready for action at either 8.30am or 2pm so we can plan the day accordingly. Please note we are looking for a minimum commitment of at least one, half day per week, not taking into account holidays, illness and unforeseen circumstances.

How do I get involved?

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