Adoption fees

Looking after shelter animals is expensive work, so we ask for a small fee to help cover the cost.


  • Puppy£170
  • Adult dog£150
  • Older adult dog90.00


  • Adult cat£65
  • Kitten£75

All Dog and Cat fees include neutering or a neutering voucher, microchipping and temporary vaccinations.

Small animals

  • Rabbit£30
  • Ferret£20
  • Guinea Pig£15
  • Rats, Degus and Chipmunks£9
  • Hamsters and Gerbils£5
  • Mice£3
  • Chinchillas£25


  • Budgies and Canaries£12
  • Finches£6
  • Common Cockatiel£8
  • Fancy Cockatiel£15
  • Small Parakeet£25
  • Lovebirds£20
  • Large parakeet£40
  • Parrot£50

Birds: In multiple adoptions for every pair of birds you buy the second bird will be half price.

Stock animals

  • All stock animalsBy arrangement