The ark depends on its dedicated team of volunteers and fundraisers, find out how to help below.

Put the fun into fundraising!

Fundraising shouldn’t be scary or difficult, as long as you have a good idea, plan well and have the support you need the rest should fall into place.

Raising money is so important for the Ark, it costs £2857 to keep the shelter running every day and we receive only a minimal amount from Head Office which means most money comes from fundraising.

There are so many ways of helping, there is something for everyone.

Challenge Events

For the more adventurous, sign up to do a challenge event. You can find any event to suit your taste whether it’s, cycling, running, walking, sky diving, horse riding or even trekking abroad! Challenges can be done individually or in a group and are great fun but the fundraising level will always be quite high to cover the cost of the event or expedition.


Are we your Charity Of The Year?? Fundraising is great for team building in the workplace, can be brilliant fun and you get to help the animals at Stubbington! This can range from band nights, cake sales, fancy dress or even fun days. Or become a corporate sponsor!


Schools are brilliant for fundraising, with so many children helping you can’t help but do well. It will teach them important life lessons about helping others and they can see for themselves how their help is used by visiting the Ark.


The shelter wouldn’t run without volunteers, they are the backbone of the charity and there is something for everyone to do. Animals need cleaning, walking and socialising. There is maintenance of the site or if you prefer being indoors you can answer phones or help with admin. The possibilities are endless! See our volunteering opportunities.

Gifts In Kind

We need all kinds of things, anything that we can be gifted is less to pay for. Bedding, food, leads, toys, if we need it you can gift it! Check out our Amazon wishlist.

Regular Giving

Regular income is one of the best ways to support the Shelter, the security of a monthly donation means that we can plan for the future and because it can be even the smallest amount, the majority of people can afford to help. Donate now.

Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is a special way to support the work of The Stubbington Ark. Your generous gift will help us champion the shelter and support the rehoming of the animals in our care for years to come.

Toys and gifts

We are in constant need of toys and equipment for the animals in our care. If you’re not local then please consider buying us something from our Amazon Wishlist!

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